Training & Qualifying A Team On Election Observation Process


To : The Egyptian Association For Training and Human Rights

& to whom it may Concern

Fm : Ahmed Moustafa “One of the trainees and HR activist”

Sub : Training & Qualifying A Team On Election Observation Process

Date : Sept.10th. 2007


I’m dedicating my deepest regards and thanks to all the pioneers of the human rights field here in Egypt who struggled a lot to achieve this space of both liberty and freedom.


On Sept.05th.2007 in Alexandria, Egypt the Egyptian Association for Training and Human Rights held the 2nd workshop for both human rights activists, lawyers and journalists concerning monitoring and observation the whole election process which lasted for 4 days from (5–8) September 2007 where had taken place at Jeddah Hotel.

Concerning the timing:-

unfortunately I’d been informed through my association one day before thebeginning of the workshop, however the weather was perfect may be was humid in the first couple of days, but the last 2 days was moderate (the beginning of the beautiful calm fall season here in Alex).

Concerning the target:-

without any doubt the target was clear from the very beginning is to safe and guarantee a fair, free, transparent and acceptable elections for a couple of reasons:

The first, to restore the missed confidence in between the regime and the public which will be reflected in both settlement, and growing the spirit of democracy and participation in society domestically.

The second, to achieve much better rank globally in both human rights and democracy.

Concerning the given topics:-

On the 1st day Mr. Magdy Helmy (The head of the political dept at Al-Wafd Newspaper – one of the biggest opposition press news here in Egypt) had focused on both the international legislations/jurisdictions of the human rights, the international standards/specifications for fair and free election process and monitoring the election process as a one of the human rights “regional and international experiences”.

On the 2nd day we were lucky also to meet Mr. Samir Al-Bagoury (A lawyer and a human rights activist) who had given us a session about the local laws that regulating the” elections process here in Egypt, in addition to that we met also Mr. Mohamed Abdallah Khalil (A lawyer and a human rights activist) who had giving us a lecture about planning for monitoring the election process, in addition to that both duties and rights that belong to un observer and his own role in all election process phases.

On the 3rd day Mr. Al-Bagoury highlighted on watching and documenting both of the pre-elections violations, the day of elections until sorting the voting cards and disclosure of the final results thereof.

Afternoon the professional photographer Ahmed Shehata (representing the biggest newspaper Al-Ahram) had given us a soft training concerning the photography skills as a sort of documentation of the existed violations.

On the 4th and the last day Mrs. Zienab Mansy (a journalist also at Al-Araby newspaper and a human rights activist) had given us a practical training concerning how to prepare the the observation forms, then how to write a report of observation, then the trainers had shown a simulation documentary concerning the violation that take place inside the assigned elections committees sites to assess the ability of the trainees in discovering the violations that could take place.

Concerning the place of the workshop:-

As mentioned in the beginning of this report, it was at Jeddah Hotel, so it was the drop or defect in that perfect workshop, because it’s not well prepared enough to digest events like that, however we give the organization team an excuse, because as we all know that it’s the high season of tourism here in Alexandria, so the most of the good places were full and busy, so it was reasonable for them to reserve this place, may be they don’t know better the right places in Alexandria because they are from Cairo, the last was the second excuse.

Concerning the activities:-

Frankly speaking I was really surprised to find a specialist photographer in that course, because he really had given us some technicalities as a professional to avoid getting bad pics, also the simulation documentary that had been shown is considered as a one of the latest global methods of international training, also teamworks and regroups were Ok especially in that very limited time.

Concerning the incentives:-

Just a surprise and a good motive for trainees to get some incentives in such courses like that, because, it ‘s really encouraging them to go through courses like that, and adopting the codes of the human rights, not only that but also, it represents such a simple rewards for their consumed time in that workshop and this an international orientation.


1- concerning the place, kindly be requested to coordinate with either partners or observers in Alexandria, if you intend to have another workshop there, to enable you to get the right place in good fares.

2- Either writing acceptable reports or photography not covered enough, because of the limitation of time in this intensive workshop, so as I discussed with Mrs. Mansy at the end, to allocate such a day for just writing and photography to get more profits of that.

3- Also the trainees were badly in need of extra practical simulations e.g. plays and stories that created by themselves, and supervised by trainers and lecturers that covering both international and domestic observation, and how the teams will behave in both simulations.

Last but not least, I’m taking this chance to send my deepest respects and thanks again to all the members of your unique association, because the content of that course was really perfect and matching with the global standards of observation and monitoring, in my own point of view this course is more important than many courses that given in our universities here in the Pan-Arab world and should be given to both students of political science and law.

Best regards,


Ahmed Moustafa

Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher

Human Rights Activist/Blogger

Youth Trainer

Representative of

Egyptian Association for Constitutional &

Legal Human Rights (eaclhr)

A member in the family of the external affairs

At Egyptian Association of the Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Mob/Cell: 002-010-9229411