El-Rayes Omar Harb & Cabaret Are Worthy to Be Watched



Now-a-days there are two good movies, talking to minds of people and worthy to be watched the first called El-Rayes Omar Harb for the perfect young director “Khalid Youssef” the God-son of our great director “Youssef Chahin” and the script writer “Hany Fawzy” produced by Al-Patros. However, the second one called “Cabaret” for the young director “Sameh Abdel Aziz” and the script writer “Ahmed Abdallah” produced by Al-Soubky.


Cabaret simply talking and concise the daily condition of our Arab society, not only the Egyptian society as shown in movie, because it ascertains the state of the contradiction inside the human being, but trying to highlight something very symbolic, Are we have the complete choice between the good and bad? Can the human resist the huge waves of corruption even if his socio-economic condition is bad? And, what is the scale of ethics in this time being?


As we watched in that movie, and it is true, that we put regulations of good and bad, Licit or Illicit, Halal and Haram, according to our interests and greeds, because we justify the matters that agree with our favour and interest even if it is bad, hence, the film talking about the human masks and the double or may be the multi-facing persons, because as the above mentioned we have a face that we want the others around us see it and this face or mask is tending to perfection. However, the other face is the real one that shall be shown in areas which do not belong to the people around us, or always used among strangers (a sever schizophrenia) and this face always neither good nor perfect as the first, and most of the characters in that movie suffering from that psychological delinquency.


Furthermore, the owner of the Cabaret represents the power, therefore we shall find him exploiting and leaching all his staff as per illegal and dirty ways, however, he is very religious and don’t even touch any bad thing that belongs to his dirty business, therefore before the end of the movie he was preparing himself for the semi-pilgrimage (Omrah) therefore, he shall use dirty money in religious matter (a chronic contradiction).


Also, the owner of the Cabaret mentioned a sentence to one of his subordinates who wants to borrow some money from him to pay off the school tuition fees of his daughter, that education is not a big deal and non-worthy, because the majority of night-girls who work in his cabaret are university graduates, which means that education in our countries right now is not the value and has no credibility in real life, or the safe side that can give someone a privilege to improve or to change his inferior social category as before.


Frankly speaking, we did not like the shot between the head of the waiters and the religious/fanatic who came originally to ballast the cabaret, when the later found that waiter praying and advise him to quit the place because the money he gets is illicit, however that waiter told him that the salary he gets in this place 5 times the salary he shall get outside, therefore the religious guy started to give him examples about the profits of Halal/Licit money and the other dirty money, instead of giving an idea to develop his earning after quitting this place, because if we want to ask people to be good, the government has to offer them at least heir fundamental rights in salaries, food and relevant place to survive.


In bad socio-economic conditions you cannot ask people to be good, because they are enforced to do that to survive, the movie also highlighted the false declarations and statements of the regime according to their assumption at the end after ballasting the cabaret that the reason was an electric ignition, but totally the photography and the sound were more than perfect, we cannot talk about the performance of acting staff, all of them were not stereotyped and innovative. Also I want to send my deep thanks to Al-Soubky for producing a serious movie like this after their long track record in light comic commercial movies.


The second movie that aroused a lot of dialects was (El-Rayes Omar Harb), Khaled Youssef the film maker tried to be out of shanty towns after his dramatic hit movie (Hein Maysarah) with the same producer to subject to another world in our society, the bourgeois world through showing Gambling and Gaming Casino, and as usual the characters of his films are real enough, people down to the earth, having no masks and they know well what they want to do.       


Without any doubt, The film inspired from one of the most famous well known novels of Oscar Wilde “the Picture of Dorian Gray”, Khaled (the young handsome) dealer of course represents Gray’s Character, however the treatment is very realistic, Omar Harb character “the Casino Director” represents half devil and half the political power, controls everybody when nobody can control him, when we talk about gambling, therefore we are from the very beginning talking about (Illicit “Haram”), the movie plays on humanitarian greeds, real desires and lust and both are real.


When we talk about gambling, we talk about psychological sickness represents in very fast gains and profits that may lead the human being to addiction “like drugs”, because the human always having this stimulus that one day he will be very rich through gaming, and as shown in movie, the roulette giving the gambler 36 times of speedy gains.


Really, we believe in 2 things, that the human will never win as long as he is in need of money (a well known maxim), the second one, whatever happened, the Casino is the winner, and if someone by luck got a lot of money or profits from gambling, it doesn’t belong to his cleverness, but to the Casino will, therefore, we can apply this in our daily life that explains the complicated relationship in between the political power and the people.


Nobody can blame neither the censorship authority nor the film maker, because from the very beginning we know that the rating of the movie is (R3/for Adults), therefore we were disappointed when we heard some critics describe the movie as a pornographic, really we do not know, Are they really critics or something else? Because in 60s and 70s the Egyptian Cinema presented many films contained stronger shots more than this, however no critic said that it was pornographic, especially in movies based on fictional works for Mahfouz, Abdel Koddous and Abdel Hay Adib, because, as long as we know in criticism we should evaluate and analyze the artistic work in its all sides.


Frankly, the film highlighted something very important, that laws were made for ordinary people, however powerful people and others of special skills are always over the law, not only that but also, they formulate laws to keep their liberties absolute and safe as long as they are alive.


The movie dealing with idea of being expelled from heaven (family/social life bless) according to choosing moving in devil’s path, consequentially surviving alone without family and that was the dilemma of both the two main actors (Omar Harb and Khaled) therefore, Omar Harb selected Khaled as a successor and a son, as a result of Khaled’s ambition to be a perfect dealer and left him many times to try the evil to be corrupted and a part of his Casino World, and not to think of quitting this world at all.


Furthermore, the filmmaker Khaled Youssef made the acting staff shiny and enlightened on the screen and he is professional to take you from the beginning step by step to the end, because if you miss a part of the narrator’s (Dealer) dialogue you will lose linking among parts (it was really like a puzzle game – a good technique in movie).


Finally, the two actresses were perfect, they represented the meanings of good and bad in very contemporary way, sometimes you feel that both are prostitutes, however sometimes you feel sympathy towards them, because we agreed from the beginning that there are no perfect humans, we saw very elegant costumes image.             



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