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Human Rights Activist
Human Rights Activist


Essa fights for liberty
Essa fights for liberty

Today, Sep. 28th.2008 in Cairo, it was really a long day as a result of having the frustrating trial of issuing the Appeal judgment that belongs to the respected and the enlightened journalist Mr. Ibrahim Essa.


All the human rights activists still chocked and frustrated after hearing this coercive judgment against Ibrahim Essa in respect of imprisoning him for a couple of months.

As we know Essa is the Chief Editor of the Egyptian Opposition newspaper that called Al-Dostour “the Constitution”.

this judgment made the people mistrust the Egyptian judiciary system, because it is tendy to be a politically judgment, and it is considered also as a backward in the space of liberties here in Egypt, all of us remember the story when one of the lawyers that we call them the Lawyers of El-Hasabah “who trie to impose their trusteeship on society” filed a lawsuit against Essa alleging that he insulted the President Mubarak after wondering some normal questions about the physical condition of the President when the formal speakers of the presidency were silent for a long time without giving such answers in that respect.

President Mubarak promised many times before that he will never allow to imprison any journalist or a freedom of expression activist whatsoever his political orientation, therefore we kindly request from his excellency to interfere in that matter to safe the freedom of expression and to safe the respected people of well opinions and views from such people who want to return us to the times darkness.

Please note that Essa through his Program that televised on Dream2 Al-Ferries “the Index” raised the people’s awareness about a lot of critical issues such as the relationship in between Sunnah and Shieah and how to exceed the obstacles between the two sects, not only that he talked many times about the relationship between the Muslims and the Copts here in Egypt and how both of them represent the tissue of the nation when nobody else did that.

Essa gave us a lot of shadows on several historical periods which were obscured for us and we do not know any information about it, therefore he is enlightening the people, when the others whether in power or the other intellects were lazy to do the same.

Finally, I do request from all the freedom of expression activists, bloggers, human rights activists, journalists, judges, intellects and everyone loves this country to support Essa, because Essa right now represents an Icon of Fairness, Freedom, Intellectuality and Liberty.




Kindest Regards,

Ahmed Moustafa

Human Rights Actvist, Blogger, An Accredited Translator,

Socio-economist and Youth Trainer

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