Obama is the actual president of US, therefore, to be, or not to be, this is the question

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The youth of the Arab and Islamic world are also supporting Obama who is currently the actual US President after his consecration yesterday Jan 20th 2009 at the Capitol Building which is witnessed worldwide.


Some people will think that I’m exaggerating in my optimism; however, I just want to remind all of them that Obama was the First Afro-American Law Professor at Harvard University; moreover, he is a human rights activist and using all the most recent widely used tools of communication as youtube and facebook, so he is aware enough of our problems as youth internationally, therefore, he will do all his best to change this world of youth.


When the priest was praying for him before swearing the oath, we were praying for him here in our Arab and Muslim world that may Allah lead him to the right ways to solve both US and world crises, and oppositely for Bush who will be dammed by God in his life and after being dead who led the whole world to unjustified dramatic crises and wars starting with creating the phantom of the terrorism legend, attacking Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq in 2003 under false allegations admitted and confessed by both of him and by Mr. Hans Blix (the head of mass destruction weapons inspector) to steal the oil of Iraq and then stealing most of the Iraqi heritage and killing more than 1 Million of Iraqi people and was the reason of their Diaspora, concluding some corrupted deals with the regimes of our area not in the favour of their peoples, but in the Favour of Israel to keep the fragile stability of such regimes, helping Israel in its attacking Lebanon in July 2006, exposure to the worst global financial deficit as a result of the unjustified wars against the illusive Beast that called terrorism (More than 14 trillion US$ were spent in such wars when we need just 50 Billions to treat the worldwide AIDS patients and 150 Billions to fight poverty worldwide “figures given by International Organizations”).


And finally helping Israel for the Latest Gaza invasion and killing more than 1100 of innocent citizens 80% of them from Kids and Women, a dirty president who should be followed by Interpol and sued by International Criminal Court as a war criminal, as well as Deck Cheney his Vice-President and Condoleezza Rice.      


Frankly speaking, Dirty Bush deformed the image of USA worldwide, therefore, Obama has many difficult challenges we know that perfectly, we can help him if he really give a priority to youth worldwide who express the majority of the global population, open dialogue with youth in both Arab Islamic world and Africa will solve many crises, because our regimes do not care about us, there is no hope of change in that respect, such countries will never be changed without the stability of Human Rights, Independent Justice, Real Democracy, Academic Freedom, Scientific Research and Freedom of expression.


Obama, please do not ever listen to the people who say that we are not qualified for Socio-political change, 80 % of the Middle East crises will be solved if the above factors are achieved, we warned Europe many times in that respect, however, their initiatives (Barcelona Process and then this suspected Union for Mediterranean) unfortunately did not achieve yet its targets and superficial, however it increased the gap and the homophobia between North and South regions, whereas the profits obtained by politicians in regimes and businessmen from both sides were increased, therefore you have to take it as a case study, and to use us as youth in a realistic action plan to develop youth in our region MENA based on many channels e.g. more NGOs and Human Rights Activists exchange programs, more training programs, more intercultural and interreligious dialogue programs.


Yeah, you were silent since being elected as a president, we appreciate that, because we thought that you were monitoring what’s going on globally and you know how much the criminal and aggressive invasion of Gaza was a painful unforgivable humanitarian crime and all people here know that your country unfortunately was involved in such massacres by providing Israel with weapons and some of such weapons were prohibited worldwide especially the phosphoric bombs just to support and enforce the Israeli hegemony in the area, therefore, your terms of being president should be white and clean, because the whole world is not bearing extra-wars.


Last but not least, May Allah bless you and lead you Excellency to the right way.


Kindest regards,


Ahmed Moustafa

Legal Translator, Human Rights Activist,

Socio-economist and Youth Trainer

Mob:  0020109229411