World Environment Day (WED) at BibAlex Alexandria and Obama’s New Beginning in Cairo


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I could not expect to take a day off  on Thursday dated June 4th 2009, because at my work there is a usual meeting taking place each Thursday and a several legal translation topics have to be translated, so it was good because May 2009 was very tiring month.


On the morning of that day I proceeded to BibAlex according to an invitation addressed to me by Dr. Amal Hosny the Coordinator of the United Nations Environment Prog here in Egypt (UNEP) to attend the celebration of the World Environment Day (WED) which supposed to be held annually on June 5th. And such event was hosted by Bibliotheca Alexandrina and in collaboration with the World Bank Information Center under supervision of Mrs. Nehal El-Kouesny.


It was really a good surprise to find Mr. Khaled Saleh one our best actors in this time being in the Arab World who took the floor several times and answered many question that related to both environment and human rights and the chart that he follows in both his movies and TV drama, also he advised the youth to take the initiative to develop their own community and make it more cleaner and proper for better healthy humanitarian life.    


We have discussed the Kyoto Protocol which was established on Dec.11th 1997 at Kyoto – Japan which entered into force on 16 February 2005 in order to fight the greenhouse phenomenon by reducing the use of the greenhouse gases and reduce the emissions thereof.


All know that USA signed on the protocol, however they never ratify it till now, alleging that both India and China according to their enormous economic growth not rationalizing the use of greenhouse gases, and also alleging that reducing greenhouse gases 7% lower than 1990s during the period in between 2008-2012 shall be very expensive, and from this point we kindly request from President Obama and his administration to do their best to ratify such protocol, because it has a very quick negative impact on the earth and it shall include all the countries and not limited to specific countries.


Some of the audience asked why we do not feel the role of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Authority (EEAA) and why they do not publish annual reports and statistics about the current environmental situation here in Egypt, however there is a very useful site for the EEAA ( where any beneficiary can find all the report and statistics she/he needs, however EEAA like the National Council for Human Rights ( the more precious information they supply the less use of beneficiaries. EEAA made a competition for WED occasion called “Your Planet needs you unite to combat climate change”.


In this occasion we forgot to remember Dr. Adel Abu Zahra a man from Alexandria fight a lot for environment as a human right and created the Environment’s Friends Association here in Alexandria and filed many lawsuits against politicians, the governorate and businessmen who tried to violate the environmental law in force No. 4/1994 and accordingly the United Nations bestowed him a title of one of the best 10 volunteers globally in 1990s for his efforts in both environmental field and women empowerment.           



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After the closure of the WED event, I flied to my house to follow up the big event represented in Obama’s speech, and as everybody knows that it was a big day in Egypt as a result of the great visit of the new US President Barak Hussein Obama to Egypt in his tour to the middle east which was started of course in Saudi Arabia for discussing for sure some economic topics especially the future of the energy “the Oil” and if it is possible to make it in this time being in a relevant price lest affect negatively on the American and global economy according to the global economic recession which was caused by the administration of Bush as result of his unjustified wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and its indirect participation in both the Israeli Aggression against Lebanon July 2006 and finally the war against Gaza from Dec 2008 till Jan 2009.


Such wars made the global economy incurs more than US$ 10 trillion according to all the realistic statistics fulfilled by international institutions in such era, if such amounts used in development it would defeat both poverty and illness internationally forever.


Obama talk about the intercultural dialogue and such thing was requested a long time ago by all the intellects from both the American and the Arab sides including Interreligious Dialogue, and referring to the matter of overlapping is something good, but I hope if media in west focusing on that, because in my point of view, he tacitly presented some sort of an apology to the Muslim World, which is good from his esteemed side.


Nothing new was presented for Palestinian side because the solution of two states and the matter of stop constructing settling colonies were presented before, but, in my point of view, youth from Arab side and Youth from Israeli side can make a compromise, not the politicians, empowering youth programs in between the two side and giving them the priority more than politicians can make a difference because such case represents their future and destiny.


The same attitude should be exerted in treating with the Iranian case, because, I requested several times before having a big Middle Eastern event like Middle East Youth Summit under the umbrella of both GOs and NGOs in the Area to collect youth from all of the Arab side, Iranian side and Israeli side to discuss the future of the Middle East Youth and the prospected cooperation among them in that respect that shall strength both economic development, growth and welfare in such area.


Peace will never come true without economic welfare, thus, Egypt needs Obama’s support to erect some middle nuclear power reactors that shall give us both energy and water that shall be used in sustainable development needs, because we know that US is the only power who can help and support us in that respect as we are qualified and having both the technical expertise and the manpower to fulfill that. Also, I should say that such reactors are not polluting the environment, because we did not hear before that France or Canada or USA suffered from the use and the negative impact of such reactors on their environment. Moreover, according to the statistics in that respect, France has exports amounted to EUR 3 Billion per annum represented in electricity extracted from nuclear reactors without any pollution.      


Finally, the Arab youth will never be free without empowerment that came as one of the most important UN millennium goal, accordingly, empowerment will be fulfilled through fair justice, academic freedom and scientific research, freedom of expression, networking, freedom of NGOs and parties and democracy the elements that should be supported by your government and all of international organizations that supporting such fields.

Finally, I would like to send my gratitude to Media & Press Department of US Embassy and the white house for sending me the text of the speech in two languages, the video and the for sms service in respect of sending me instant highlights of the speech directly on my mobile. 


Best regards,

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Ahmed Moustafa the Auther
Ahmed Moustafa the Auther