Farouk Hosni lost his battle to be the next Director of UNESCO


Farouk Hosni Egyptian Minister of Culture
Farouk Hosni Egyptian Minister of Culture

A couple of days before specifically on Sep 2nd 2009 at the Palace of UNESCO in Paris, the Egyptian Minister of Culture lost his last round to be the Director of UNESCO before his Bulgarian competitor Irina Bokova the Ambassador of Bulgaria in France alleging that there was a political manipulation from the some Jewish lobby association who convinced the voters not to give him the majority of the votes when he obtained 29 votes against 31 votes for the Bulgarian lady and accordingly he failed to win such title.


The matter reminds me by the main issue which was controversial for a long time “the Camp David Peace Accords in between Egypt and Israel since 1978” and according to this matter, formally, Egypt is country normalized with Israel, however, such normalization is limited to specific categories especially politicians, businessmen and intellectuals including artists and not to all.


In addition, when someone wants to travel to Israel not belongs to the above categories he/she shall be exposed to a very tough interrogation by whether state security or intelligence, when such matters cannot be occurred to the people of the above categories, and the politicians always alleging that the government is normalized when the people is not (a licit matter for elites and an illicit for ordinary people), I do not know really why they say that and under what terms and conditions (very explicit contradiction).


Frankly speaking, this is the dilemma that made the situation of Farouk Hosni not very strong and not very clear for the voters and made them reviewing their situations over and over again, however, in my point of view, it is not the pressures of some Jewish pressure groups as the media here alleged, but, his controversial situations about the Israeli books in respect of burning it, then his apologies for such matter, therefore, he was not decisive enough, the matter that made it difficult to be the director of UNESCO.


The hesitated situation of Hosni is similar to the situation of our Arab world, especially Egypt. Whereupon, the Arab peoples are very confused, when their governments are normalized, they cannot do that, so, we are badly in need of a clear and evident situation from our governments, giving equal opportunity to all in such matter, or to stop it, or to reform the accords of Camp David according to the current international situation.  


Not only that, but also, we need youth from both sides Arab and Israeli solve their own problems by themselves out of whether beneficiaries/politicians or people of interest Jewish people are our cousins and they know that very well and Arabs protected them over the history since Andalusia till wars of Nazi and they will never feel safe without Arabs and USA can play a good role in this issue.


Finally, we have to accept the rules of the game and accept the loss as we accept the winning, then when we lose, we have to study the reasons of our loss carefully and try to transfer it to the reasons of success in next rounds or times instead of saying that there was a manipulation or bias or things in this regard.  

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Ahmed Moustafa in Montaza
Ahmed Moustafa in Montaza