Nobel Peace Prize between the Fake and the Truth

President Sadat II

President Sadat

Obama the US President

Frankly speaking, the whole world always remember our Egyptian Martyr Ex-President Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat who had been awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 according to his extraordinary efforts in this regard with Israel, a president led his home country to October 1973 Big Victory over Israel and achieved the demolition of both Parliv-Line  and the legend of Israeli Undefeated Army, in addition, restored the occupied land of Sinai since it had been occupied after Egypt being defeated before Israel in June 1967.


A president who was intellectual and has unprecedented way of thinking when he believed in peace and intercultural dialogue before anyone of his homologues, when the world was divided into two polar powers, right and left represented in both USA and USSR and their allies.


There is no doubt that what Sadat did in that time was magnificent, because he solely took the initiative of Peace with Israel after an objective and neutral way of thinking. In addition to at least a couple of years of arrangements till ratifying the Peace Accords in 1978. As he justified that we got fed off holding bilateral and multilateral political discussions and negotiations with the whole world in respect of clashes and disputes with Israel except the main party in this clash represented in the Israeli themselves.


Sadat was aiming to stop any bloodshed from the Arab youth side and tried to make the coming generations in this area thinking in development and prosperity instead of being tension and thinking of war all the time, and replacing such tension by peace and cooperation, because we cannot fight most of our live with an enemy, and if so, why we are not containing such enemy, if found.    


Thereupon, the whole world bestowed him the title of the President of War and Peace, and unfortunately most of the Arab regimes could not digest that initiative and accused him of being a big traitor. However, in this time being the Arab regimes who opposed such accords are crying and still crying over the spilt milk and wasting such great opportunity, because he promised the Palestinians in that time to obtain a big part of their home occupied lands and solve a big part of their current problems with Israel.


Notwithstanding, what is promoted/developed currently in the western media in respect the credibility of the result of the war, whether we won and achieved a big victory or not, Nobody can suspect the restoration of our occupied land (Sinai) completely, even the  smallest part of land of Saini that called “Taba” nearby the territories with Israel and Jordan, which returned to us by the international arbitration in March 1989.


Moreover, if we were beaten, we would never restore our whole land, and also cannot impose the Peace on the Israeli part. Whereas the history is full of several incidents of some beaten nations e.g. Germany and Japan after World War II and what was really occurred to them “the division of Germany into two parts, the existence of American military bases in both Germany and Japan, and then both occurred to limitation in their own militant troops” when we had never exposed to such incidents like them.


On the other side, we found that Nobel Foundation has granted US President Obama Peace Nobel Prize for this year 2009, I do not know why? Is it just for his speech at Cairo University in June 2009? Yeah, we cannot deny that that he is a good presenter and he got such experience as a result of being a professor in both politics and law for long time.


But, yeah, he talks about projects and plans in his mind of peace and global development when he became the president of US in January 2009, however, 8 months are not sufficient to make him equal with Sadat or Even with Mohamed Al-Baradee the Director of International Atomic Energy Agency.


Obama promised to stop wars and close prisons like Guantanamo by which torture I practiced over the prisons there, however, we found him approving sending about additional 40000 of US troops to Afghanistan to fight Taliban , whereas Taliban was not the target of the West headed by US, but Al-Qaida which grown originally by the west itself.


Why Obama and his administration did not save such funds (instead of sending 40000 US militants to Afghanistan) to be invested in global development and fighting both poverty and illness worldwide as he promised and according to the global millennium goals as defined by UN. We are sure that there are a lot pressures especially from the Weapons Lobby in US the sole beneficiary of such unjustified attacks and wars push Obama to do that.


If Obama and the west really want to spread and grow the seeds of Peace, they will accept having an open equal dialogue with Iran and invite both Arabs and Israel to such dialogue without any prior conditions to solve the crises of the Middle East and open new page in this regard.          


If Obama and the west really want to spread and grow the seeds of Peace, they have to push the existed regimes in the Arab world to apply the fundamental human rights, but in fact, politics will never be changed whether by Obama or someone else, because, unfortunately, it is always a dirty game based on interest not in the favour of human being.

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