Ahmed Moustafa Commentary and Assessment on 5th Arab Youth Forum & 7th Arab Reform Forum held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina fm 27 Feb till 3 Mar 2010


Arab Reform Forum 2010


Arab Reform Forum 2010

Arab Reform Forum 2010

Arab Reform Forum 2010

Arab Reform Forum 2010



Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010
Arab Reform Forum 2010


As always, we have to dedicate our deepest regards to Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BibAlex), as one of the biggest bacons of the freed of expression here in the Arab World for the annual and regular adoption of both Arab Youth Forum represented in (Arab Youth Economic Empowerment Forum) and Arab Reform Forum represented in (A New World Is Being Shaped, Where/What is the Arab’s Role?) in spite of the global financial crisis that extended to all the parts of the world.


Frankly speaking, this time BibAlex tried to get out of general topics as the last 4 youth forum sessions and according to a poll on the website, the youth selected the economic challenges that facing them now-a-days and later on, and as mentioned the last year after 5 years specifically in 2015 at least 100 million job vacancies have to be created and offered for the Arab youth. Hence, we have to re-thank BibAlex for tackling such topic this year.


Also, the Arab youth existence was evident especially in both 2009 and 2010, such matter enlarged the base of the beneficiaries of the Arab youth and this is again a good effort exerted by the organization staff of BibAlex Headed by a Lady called “Heba El-Rafey” and her assistant Ms. Esraa Adlan and the whole assisting staff in respect of arranging everything for the participants especially the logistical part.


However, there were some sort of points I witnessed in such Forum has to be reformed the next times as follows:


1-      In spite of inviting several Arab delegates from all regions of the Arab world, the national council of youth sending many people seen continuously over the past 4 years, not only that, they had presentations over the past 4 years at the same forum. In spite of the topic is different and specialized, therefore the presenter had to be according to such criteria, but the same people I am referring whom I saw over the last 4 years and so far failed to present profound presentations as I expected, accordingly their presentations as they are not specialist in this regard were superficial and very general.


2-      Please be reminded that the last year Coca Cola and Sawieres Foundation sponsored the forum, therefore, in my point of view, as I am a socio-economist, there was no problem in matter of funding as it needs more PR efforts and I think any sponsor shall never be hesitated for sponsoring the forum as it is supposed a good promotion for his product (GTZ was able and ready to sponsor this important forum).


3-      It was important to hear something about the Role of our banks and the Union of Arab banks in financing youth projects (small and micro business) instead of accumulation of money in it, and instead of catastrophic real estate credits that ruined their liquidity. Please be reminded that we had a brilliant experience in this regard at the beginning of 20th century under the directions of Talaat Harb Pasha and the Role of Banque Misr in this regard, and how such bank financed giant projects like Mahalla Spinning Company, the Egyptian Cinema and the Egyptian Stock Market and how Japan later on inspired and applied an idea like it represented in Zaubatsi Group and German Group Models that extracted a global giant companies e.g. “Mitsubishi, Toyota, Toshiba and others”.


4-      Also, it was important to hear something about the lack of scientific research, the funds thereto, the specialist research centers and for sure the absence of Academic Freedom in our universities which is considered as one of the biggest challenges in our Arab world that hinder the circulation of the development in our Area. (the more scientific research you present, the more economic revenue you get).


5-      Furthermore, Nobody talked about the prospected crisis of energy and scarcity of water from youth presenter as they came from a different planet and the urgent necessity to erect at least 3 Nuclear Power Plants in Egypt to face such disaster in the future for supplying energy and to desalinate the seawater for sustainable development projects and how much Nuclear Power Plants are important for the majority of the Arab world as they are in need of such plants, and why we did not meet a delegation of Iran (regional and Muslim country) who achieved a revolution in such filed better than the others in such field in the area (Please note that Dr. Ismail Serag Eldin referred to that in his Plenary session of Arab Reform Forum).


6-      In addition, we were badly in need of meeting a delegation of Turkey representing the governing party (Justice and Development Party) explaining us how they fight corruption in their country that damaging our Arab societies and the mechanism they used in that regard and how the economy of Turkey became as better than the economy of Eastern and Middle European Countries and of course their agronomic projects that exploit high density of labour.


7-      I noticed that many of the young people were amazed of Obama election campaign and his promotional slogan (Yes, We Can) as a comment on the speech/Article of Martin Luther King in 1963 (I have a Dream), however USA is not anymore the western dream as it ruined not only its economy but the global economy in unjustified wars bled at least 11 Trillion US$, and Obama till now cannot bear the economic loss and deficit “the heavy burden” left by his precedent “the war criminal” George W. Bush. However, in spite of such deficit, he sent 30000 US soldiers to fight Taliban in Afghanistan, and I am wondering, who pay such bill of sending those soldiers in that number which can be increased according to his speech? And why could not he solve his very severe crises occurred to his country represented in the health insurance and unemployment that reached about 10% in USA? We heard recently in media that the US government shall inspire some health care solutions from “Cuba” that has no crises in this regard. Please be advised that USA classified Cuba as a blacklisted country.


8-      The last point in respect of AYF I heard from some of the presenters that governments are not responsible any more for running the country business, whereas the individuals can do such business according to the mechanism of the liberal and free markets. However, may such speakers addressed the right speech to the improper audience, because they thought that they are talking at Davos Forum in Switzerland, and not at BibAlex to Arab audience their governments and regimes still controlling over everything in their societies. In addition, even in developed countries when the government cannot handle its duties, it resigns and better government shall govern in lieu of it. I think the speakers who promoted that forgot, when they would not have to forget, that the role of the government is to regulate and execute the laws that regulating all state’s affairs, whereas economy and the welfare of the citizens is considered as its most important duty.   


In respect of the Arab Reform Forum, I noticed the following:


1-      Some voices I met represented in some Arabs affected/contaminated by the stereotyped mistaken western media and started to ascertain that Arabs and Muslims are the source of the terrorism. The reasons of such problem are two kinds of persons, the first one represented in some intellects who are corrupted by the west and promoting for their plans in the area and supporting them to disseminate their mistaken stereotyped ideas about us and about our culture and we call them “mercenaries”.

However, the second type represented in that most of the people whether from elder or youth generations who are building their own ideas and point of views not from reading, books or scientific research (please see what I wrote here above in respect of the absence of the academic freedom in our Arab universities) and obtaining their knowledge and information from only Media and Internet and this is a catastrophe (that case remind me by what Naguib Mahfouz wrote in his extraordinary novel “Drift on the Nile or Tharthara Fouq El-Nil” the Lost Generation, No Culture, No Science).


Such matter shall lead me to the lecture of Dr. Ismail Serag Eldin about Digitalization when he talked about the current importance of the internet and the UNL (United Nations Language “Software”) and at that session, I made a comment just to remind the audience that both internet and UNL are the fruit of the human effort who add the content thereto. Not only that but also, I tried to remind the people that internet is assisting in scientific research and representing a secondary element of it, whereas books, scientific periodicals, documentaries, microfilm and microfiche still representing the primary elements of scientific research. Therefore, according to the above mentioned I was not surprised to find, at the adjacent Book Fair of Alexandria, that the majority of the Arab books are only divided to “religious and translated books” and this is to justify why the Arab intellectual productivity market share is only (0.5%).


All the above introduction shall lead me to the point I highlight, that if we follow up the modern history of the civilized West/Occident, we shall find it full of Colonization, injustice, nuclear armament and demolition whereas we were always the prey of them. When we shift to the contemporary history according to the current situation “One Polar Super Power” represented in USA and what Strauss (One of the well-know American Radical Thinkers) wrote in 1960s, then what his followers/students Fukoyama, Huntington and Condoleezza Rice wrote in 1990s in respect of the clash of civilization and the Danger of Islam, and then the unjustified anticipated wars occurred by USA especially in our Area since Iraq Invasion War 2003, July War against Lebanon 2006 and then Israeli War Against Gaza the end of 2008 the wars that made the world incurred more than (US$ 11 Trillion).


Also, when USA adopted all the Muslim fanatic persons and regimes from 1970s till 1990s for its international interests and made itself as a person who grow a baby Cobra or Rattle Snack, consequentially, such person became the first bitten, therefore, I want ask USA some questions: Who adopted Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Who supported the Iranian Islamic Revolution by Khomeini against the Shah (Mohamed Reza Pahlavi)? And then who convinced Iraq to Attack Iran by the end of 1970s? Who created Guantanamo, Abu Ghoreib and Tura Pora Arrests and who practiced Cata-torture there against innocent people? I just want to remind USA that now-a-days they harvesting what they had grown 40 years before.         

Thus, Arabs are not liable for just undetermined terminology that called “Terrorism” and the West or the Occident have to accuse and judge themselves first before accusing and judging us in this regard.


2-      The second point represented in the role of the current media in occurring disputes between the Arab countries, first of all, we have to admit that we were suffering from censorship, but according to the good investment in the field of Media since 1990s and so far, most of the well known Arab business men were in hurry to open new satellite channels, of course not the most of them are presenting good content that we want, however, this is the nature of life “the diversity” and we should accept it. However, we miss in everything we do, here in the Arab world, the right preparation and feasibility of any project, and we focus only on the financial profits represented in the quantity of commercials achieved and sponsors in this field, the matter that only based on the Private Relations in between the channel’s owner or director or presenter with the sponsor or with a big advertising and publicity company.


Explicitly, I saw that both the panel and the people who made comments or interventions were out of topic and started to talk in personal superficial out of topic matters that would never benefit the audience, and I do not want to give names, because the readers or the interested people shall be surprised in this regard. However, I had to highlight it and in order to give your goodselves a very small model in respect of how we fail to discuss such topics, therefore, I cannot imagine how our regimes discuss draft laws or legislations accordingly.


Frankly speaking, we forgot the real message of the media represented in showing the truth before the viewers based on objectivity and neutrality, in addition to raising the awareness among the people. In my point of view, the most important thing that should be done is how to prepare the people who are working currently in media, how to select the new people who shall work in this field according to the challenges that facing the traditional means of media as Newspapers, Radio and TV and the broader appearance and existence of e-media. Not only that but also, how to accept the new types of media people as bloggers and citizen journalists.


Whereas such preparation shall never be effective due to imposing regulatory laws, but through sustainable training in disseminating the codes of press and how to make the people of media thinking creatively and offering alternatives.       


3-      There is a last point I have to refer, represented in the credibility of international organization in respect of occurring development in our societies.


Without any doubt USA still controlling over most of the international organizations worldwide especially UN and subsidiary institutions especially the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), in addition to some programs like United Nations Development Program (UNDP) who are responsible for creating and carrying out economic reform plans for both developing and under developing countries whereby our area is belonging to.


However, USA not anymore the economic model that should be followed according to their economic deficit and default to repair the bankruptcy of several giant industrial and financial groups and banks (e.g. Leman Broz, City Group, General Motors etc…) resulted by the uncontrolled credit system, the big corruption that occurred especially at the time of G.W. Bush in such sectors, in addition to the extreme liberal economic system that based on pragmatism without the appropriate existence of ethics and codes of social orientation.


US economic system made some countries declaring its insolvency and bankruptcy, whereas the severe example in this regard was Iceland in 2008. Moreover, Greece 2010 as a result of adhering their economic systems to the American one, not only that but also, most of the programs or plans for development imposed on both developing and under developing states by whether WB or IMF were infeasible, inapplicable and inconsistent with socio-economic circumstances of those states and one of those states of course is Egypt.


As long as WB imposed a privatization plan on Egypt, the results of such program ruined the Egyptian ordinary people who represent 95% of the population, hence, right now Egyptians according to such privatization are having no assets in their home country. In addition, nobody at the government can give you a justified detailed answer in respect of the money they collected according to sale deals, how did they spend it? And why WB did not propose a parallel developing plan for such alleged loser insolvent Public Sector companies instead of ad-hoc sale thereof?


WB imposed to lift the governmental subsidies in addition to leave the everything occurred to the free market mechanism without imposing a mechanism of control over this market, accordingly, the consequences were making the rich people richer and the poor people poorer whereas such phenomenon is very evident not just in Egypt but in all of MENA region. (Even Euro-Med Partnership faced the same destiny)


The reports that issued each year about the economic growth showing contradicted results sometime alleging that Egypt is running in the right track of economic reform and achieved a reputable growth (such assumed growth is intangible and I do not know Why?), sometimes not, however we notice that when we adopt the World Economic Forum (Rich People Summit) here in Sharm El-Sheikh and spending about (EGP 100 Million) each time they issue good reports about us!!!!!!!!!.


However, a respected organization like Transparency one showing annual logical figures ascertaining that our area including Egypt still near to the bottom of their Classification/List. Furthermore, our universities still away from being in the best 500 universities worldwide including American Universities existing here, in addition to Cairo and Alexandria Universities (Also the quality of life).


Accordingly, I wonder why Americans handing over the Board of Directors (B.O.D) of such institutions whereas they were unable to solve their domestic severe economic crises? Why not new strong promising economies as China, Brazil, India, Asian Tigers and Turkey having bigger quotas in the quorum of (B.O.D) of such institutes? Why the developing countries also did not obtain the appropriate representation quota in such (B.O.D) of those institutes?


World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Security Council have to be reformed according to the global hurricane of change that taking place worldwide now, because they are not credible and not able anymore to lead the world solely. However, we have to claim and push big countries to yield to our requests and such pressures shall never be existed without Arab-Arab Alliance, Arab-Afro Alliance and South-South Alliance and cooperation.


Please be guided accordingly.



Ahmed Moustafa    

Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/Legal Translator at (www.eldib.com.eg)

Human Rights Activist/Blogger/Youth Trainer

International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt

Work Tel: 002-03-4950000

Mob/Cell: 002-010-9229411       

Email: solimon2244@yahoo.com


URL: https://intellecto.wordpress.com




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