Ahmed Moustafa: Commenting on some of what was raised in the media this week


·         The Judiciary in Egypt:


Was for me to be decisive not to interfere in the Egyptian judiciary, and even with the system ousted the Supreme Administrative Courtshield for the Egyptian people from all injustice falls on them from the authorities or the Ministers and its decisions all remember itrepresented in several examples include removal of State Security of the University and replace it with an ordinary security and acceptappeals on the 2010 elections and the abolition of its results because of the fraud – the invalidity of contracts of Madinaty and some of the unjust decisions of sale and privatization of large companies from the Egyptian Public Affairs Sector, and others, and we were agree that the judiciary is still heavily fortified castle.


But what we saw and what we see, especially on the issue of funding of civil society that movement, which has been escalating as we all know by SCAF to save face – after failing in many of the matters of management affairs of Egypt in the alleged interim period – alleging the interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, as well as what has been made by Mr. Abdel Moez Ibrahim – Head of Cairo Court of Appealand the President of the Supreme Committee for Elections, was already something shameful to the image of the Egyptian judiciary, which has been the best and held its place at the level of the South, despite a general lack of full independence since the days of Sadat.


When Mr. / Abdul Moez interfered and isolated the President of the Competent Court (Justice Mohamed Shoukry) and then freed a number of 17 Americans who claimed by SCAF that they were involved in suspicious financing for a number of associations of civil society, which corrupts society and the subject was a deal, whereby Egypt received a sum of $ 35 million in return – which shook the image of the Egyptian judiciary in front of the citizens, however, despites the pressure on the judge Abdel Moez to submit his resignation and the public request of withdrawal of confidence from him, But it is clear that SCAF is pressing from afar to keep him in charge to complement thetheatrical elections and on the eve of presidential election – which requires a highly integrity because it depends upon 50% of the stability of Egypt – where the Egyptian people will not accept any questionable president in his integrity and his past was stained or had a relationship with the deposed regime or military council from near or from far away and this thing agreed implicitly whatever they tried.


·         Constitution Drafting Committee and Credibility Thereof:


The first was for the parties of political religion current (Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis) to be smart too in the committee drafting the constitution and get it to compromise and consensus as it is in the countries of the civilized world, because I also said repeatedly they reliedon the military in many of the things to win the cake elections, but unfortunately was better for them resort to people and political casts thereof not the monopoly of promulgating the articles of the Egyptian Constitution.


The people who make them came to the parliament as a blow to the remnants of the National Democratic Party and a willingness to change and achieve the goals of the revolution (Bread – freedom – social justice), but the problem is that they did not discuss the laws that achievesuch principles, which would reduce the size of the criticism against them – and parliament took the form of skits with limited experienceafter they claimed that they were politically persecuted for 80 years – therefore, was the parliament to the political religious stream, for example, a type of compensation?


While we’ve heard from some of them that they were persecuted for 80 years accordingly they want being in Parliament for an equal 80 years – the problem that the people who was the cause of their success are currently the biggest critics of them – especially with the trivial worsening economic problems that could be solved easily in the event of focus on the basic objectives of the revolution – and also given the opportunity for the majority of communities to participate in the development of the Egyptian Constitution and the acceptance of only 30% of the Parliament and the Shura Council only in this committee – because we, as we mentioned earlier do not agree on the legality of the Shura elections.


The question is, will this Committee meet today, despite the withdrawal of nearly 20% of its founders? We did not need the intervention ofthe military in this regard? Is there shall be clashes, as the Muslim Brotherhood claimed that, between them and the military council? Whymembers of the Brotherhood movement resign, especially from the younger generation, who participated in the revolution? Or, Is theMuslim Brotherhood and the military council are the two faces of one coin?



 Internationally – Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, which ended yesterday:


Dr. El-Baradei (the former director of the IAEA – and was the first presidential candidate who withdrew quietly, despite of that he was occurred to criticizing constantly, whether he is candidate for the presidency of being a client for the West – and when he gave up his candidacy as a coward) proves to be a respected and we lost hem even in the Commission promulgating the Constitution and that’s according to his keenness to attend at the conference of nuclear safety, which was held in Seoul, South Korea fm 26 – 27 March 2012.


As he was announced through which ; in response to a media campaign led by both the U.S. and the Zionist Regime of Israel “that they are sooner ready for a pre-emptive strike to Iranian nuclear facilities – in order to secure the area and the Gulf states depending on the claim ofthe Iranian threat, which, unfortunately, supported implicitly by some Gulf states, in spite of the volume of bilateral trade between Iran and Gulf states, which reached $ 35 billion under the last statistics and a statement from the Iranian Minister of Trade Mehdi Ghazanfari, and the full diplomatic representation, and the largest delegations of pilgrims to the Holy Land Hijaz about 100 thousand pilgrims per year in additionto the other minor pilgrims; to a large degree as we are used to the nerve that Iraq 2003 is not Iran 2012.


Not only to force Iran reportedly does the unexpected, which could inflame the region – but also people of the region will not accept by repeating these experiments, which have passed before Arab spring revolutions since Afghanistan in 2001 through Iraq 2003 and July toLebanon 2006 to Gaza 2008/2009 coinciding with the beginning of Obama governnace in America – but the solution must come to unconditional peaceful negotiations between both sides of the story, “Iran and America,” because this solution would avoid the risks ofnuclear weapons in the area, not war.


If Israel was complaining of Iran’s nuclear activity, despite the fact that Iran has not yet entered the nuclear arms, but only for the use ofclean and compensating, and energy security in the future, which helps it in sustainable development and in accordance with the Convention on the Prohibition of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, for those who do not know – Why Israel does not allow for exampleto the Agency to inspect institutions and knowledge of nuclear levels of nuclear enrichment has, and how many weapons it possesses, whichscientists of the nuclear field, at least about 200-250 nuclear warheads targeted against the Arab and Islamic world under the pretext of its right to defend itself.


But what worries Israel is an extension of the line of resistance now, after the departure of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, from Tehran throughBaghdad, Iraq, which are trying to repeatedly hit the credibility of the summit of Arab, which will be held tomorrow, due to inciting security instability matters, through Syria, which tried to fragmentation and failed as we see, and then to Lebanon, and a front of Arab resistancethere represented in Hezbollah.


Then put obstacles to the resumption of relations and the normalization of relations between Iran and Egypt, the largest country in the Arab region, which we hope to overcome them and this thing clear to the public – because of the Arab masses have become familiar with all the challenges today – and will not accept even our differences to strike a Muslim country will not allow to pass a draft Kissinger to break upthe Arab and Islamic world on the basis of sectarian religious (Muslim / Christian) – (a Shiite / Sunni) – this is for information.


Ahmed Moustafa
Member of Council for the Development of
Social Science Research in Africa (www.codesria.org)
Member of Alexandria International Arbitration Center & Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/
Legal Translator at (www.eldibadvocates.com)
Human Rights Activist/Blogger/Youth Trainer
International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt
Work Tel: 002-03-4950000
Mob/Cell: 002-0100-9229411

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