Ahmed Moustafa: Cooperation in the Aktau summit won over the demons of the West


Ahmed Moustafa: Cooperation in the Aktau summit won over the demons of the West

Controversy and Conflict are resolved at the Aktau Summit of the Caspian States, the summit, which has been scheduled to be held from 11 to 12 August 2018 between the five heads of states “Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan”, whereas Aktau is one of the most important ports of Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea, the richest sea in the world with “oil, gas and fish”, which is suitable for all purposes of investment universally recognized, and is one of the most important areas of Eurasia investment.

Indeed, China has entered the Eurasia region as one of the most welcome investors for the vast infrastructure it is doing in this region, to link Asia with Europe as a “challenge” to America and also to secure energy resources in one of the world’s richest points of such resources with a country that has the highest rates of economic development and growth in the world and in line with the principle of “win-win” for partners, Of course, the five countries are important in each of China’s new global economic and cultural initiatives, the “Silk Road – Shanghai Cooperation Organization – BRICS”, the anti-American international financial groups. Of course, according to the geo-strategic concept, the one who controls Asia and Europe; the latter which economically exhausted, also entered into an economic war with America, and in a thirst for Chinese liquidity; dominates the world.

Congratulations to the five countries finally reach an agreement that prevents the existence of any Western or foreign bases on the Caspian Sea, which may fuel strife among its members and cause tension and terrorism. In my opinion, this is very important to preserve the security and stability of Central and West Asia, and it has a positive impact on the war on terror, especially that some young people of these countries went to war in Syria because of the lies and misinformation of the Western and the Gulf media, as there was a war of genocide for the Sunnis in Syria by a Shiite regime, and unfortunately exploited by sheikhs/clergymen, money and the Gulf regimes to promote these sectarian strife under Western auspices, and believed by young Muslims in Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

There is a need for a unified media platform among the countries of the Caspian Sea to prevent such futility in the future. There is a single initiative “Russia and the Islamic World” established for this purpose, but unfortunately a purely governmental initiative. We need mixed initiatives amid intellectuals, civil society and governments so that there is integration of the vision and take advantage of new ideas and exchange of experiences in this area, especially with those who deal professionally with digitization, which reaches most of the young people in the world for different perceptions to the past.

This also has a positive impact on Turkey, which has also entered into a trade war with the United States, and has no way but the Eurasian countries, and increase the economic and strategic alliance with them, as Turkey is characterized as an agricultural, industrial and tourist country, it has good relations with the five countries, seeks to have relations of the same quality with China, and can enter into a financial and monetary alliance that allows the exploitation of local currencies between it and the Caspian countries without the need for dollar, or the conclusion of agreements or the conversion to the Chinese Yuan, as it is an international currency.

Also to reach the point of good exploitation of resources of the Caspian Sea, referred to by President Rowhani, and it needs more meetings between the five States, both at the level of presidential or ministerial to reach the best ways to exploit and divide the resources of the seabed, where the main sticking point was how to split the seabed, many prefer to divide by an even line of the five coastlines, but Iran has the smallest coast line – does not accept it.

The second dispute was that Russia was reluctant to allow Turkmenistan to continue its 300 km gas pipeline to Azerbaijan, which would open up its huge cheap gas reserves to the European market, which is currently dominated by Russian gas giant Gazprom.

The solution seems to be to preserve wording and delay controversial decisions. On Sunday, the five nations agreed to 15 miles of exclusive sovereign economic waters, plus 10 more miles of fishing grounds, and then there would be shared water and of course the men of international maritime law would have The floor, not presidents, on practical issues of division.

I think that Egypt and the Arab world should reconsider their relations with foreign countries and especially with Eurasia and the Caspian countries, and not be like the slave who loves his executioner “America and Europe” because there are richer and closer areas in culture and religion than America and Europe, we know that Egypt has applied for a partnership in the Eurasian Economic Zone, like China and Iran, and unfortunately the Zionist entity, but what we hope is the activation of such agreements, which will be reflected in the welfare of the Egyptian citizen.

Ahmed Moustafa

Political Economist

Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation

Member of CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision Russia and Islamic World

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