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After my attendance for several conferences about AIDS, in addition to my work as a human rights activist with some global agencies and organizations like IRD, CEDEJ, UNDP, Pasteur Institute of Paris and many others were represented, with lower presence of the Arabs as usual, in such conferences to show up their presentations and experiences about this critical topic based on perfect statistics, data and information.

There were also a lot of unique thesis from the side of scholars of the department of the public health at Senghor covering most of the Francophone African member states, there were also some NGOs representation like Caritas.

All the presentations focused on 4 main points (public awareness, transparency, gratuity of check up and finally price of treatment).

Concerning the first point, all the aware people knowing that AIDS is a blood epidemic/pandemic and mainly transferred according to the hardcore (penetration) sexual practices (Hetero/Homosexual relations) in between a HIV (Human Immune-Deficiency Virus) positive patient and a normal person.

Whwereas, we have to confess that in our Pan-Arab and Pan-Muslim states there is a big curse concerning the dissemination of the sexual culture, and always deal with this critical repressive topic from our point of view in secrecy as a shame and as an illicit (Haram).

Assuming that we are the societies of religion and honor (licit), and this is resulted by our lag patriarchal societies, we always put the boys and the men in our priorities, not only that, but also, tell each others false stories and fantasies about sex, because we get all our sexual culture either according to the pornographic media, or our bad false experiences.

Frankly speaking, the most conservative society is simply the most corrupted society, because we always react like the ostrich (put our head in sand) in treating with our problems. Each other know that we start our sexual experiences after or due to the period of our sexual maturity, when the physiological changes happening in our bodies as a consequence of the sexual maturity hormones, accordingly, in this semi-hot or moderate area of the earth the sexual maturity could happen in the age of 12 or 13.

Once the adolescent feel this changes frankly speaking she/he starts searching for sexual outlet, therefore, she/he will crashed firstly with family which will deprive even talking about that, or who are not aware enough to the psychology of the adolescence period.

This is why the role of the peers in that period is very clear, so this is the reason that makes the adolescent would never talk to, or even trust his family, if she/he exposed to a sexual experiment. Very rare few ratio of families with an intellect standard that could embrace the son or the daughter in that period, then will dedicate them to the right way, (kindly know that religion not against the sexual culture, because the religion urge us to know and obtain the right information about everything, even if it’s bad to avoid or protect us from).

“Unfortunately the whole muslims peoples had been impressed a lot by the radical Muslim jurists or the fanatics especially in the period of 1970s, who marginalized the role of woman in society and deprived all the types of relations in between man and woman, and made most of our life activities illicit as if the whole muslims before those fanatics were atheists”.

Moreover, the family is not always the bad factor, however the society is the biggest curse, accordingly, if we run a survey in the community concerning knowing the following terms e.g. “Sex, libido, positive/negative Oedipus complex, masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, penetration, orgasm, impotence, homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, pederasty, buggery, sadism, masochism, fetishism, narcissism, paranoia, catasexuality, necrophilia, coprophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia and etc.”

Without any doubt, all the pre-mentioned terms are sexual terms the most of us don’t know their real meanings, even if it will be translated into Arabic, because who do this translation or the interpretation is being afraid of “the censorship”, so it’s rarely to find in this time being a drama or a movie dealing with those humanitarian sexual phenomena, lest exposure to the censorship or the religious institution which will never allow to those works to be shown on TV or in cinema according to the argument of “prevention of the illicit/evil”.

Not only that, but those authorities could create a media scandal for that author or interpreter which could prevent him from writing in his home country. Perhaps our sexual experiences starting in preparatory school level according to the sexual maturity of the pupils, then getting bigger and bigger in both high school and of course, and the maximum in university, until now we don’t have even qualified teachers who can discuss this topic with the students.

Because of this repressive false religious factor, really this is a big curse, or even give the students the right information or consulting to avoid the sexual epidemics according to using the preservatives “condoms, diaphragms or soft sexual acts = without penetration”. Some of you right now after reading this article will feel very bad towards me, but I’m impersonating the role of doctor trying to diagnose this social illness.

Actually in this time being we suffer from the phenomena of the moral/secret marriage among the students in universities, sometimes they do it as changists without any knowledge about the danger of this phenomena that could transfer AIDS or any blood epidemic, not only that but also, the high cost of marriage deprives the most of the guys to get married girls in the right age of 20s.

Accordingly, a lot of strange phenomena have been floated to the surface especially the prostitution and homosexuality among the young generation as an outlet and cheaper ways, and this is another factor to transfer that illness.

In isolation places in the most Pan-Islamic Arab states like camps, military service and prisons the homosexuality among men becomes the first negative phenomenon as a way of outlet for this sexual power, and due to the absence of the sexual awareness in those oppressive places a lot get exposed to those fatal diseases especially the AIDS. Because there is no opportunity to use preservatives in those places.

Concerning the point of the transparency until now we don’t know the real statistics of the patients or the vectors according to a standard method of the HIV, in a previous article of mine, I mentioned that there are very few, but now I’m sure we don’t know really, because we still deal with this matter as a stigma especially with the patients or the vectors.

Because they will feel outcaste and isolated in their society, then we will think directly that they got it through their sexual sins, then we will disqualify them from all the activities or firing them from their jobs, even if this epidemic can’t be transferred out of blood exposure, frankly speaking we still have the problem of the bad sterility system of the medical equipments that deal directly with the human blood. Especially (the artificial kidney machine and the operative tools) which should be filtered and sterilized continuously, either the gentlemen hairdressing and shaving salons or the dentists.

The third problem is the medical checkup, because we suffer from its expensive cost in the most Pan-Islamic-Arab states that reaching 80 US$ for a blood biopsy, when the ministries of health in most of those states should supply it for free for many reasons, especially blood donations campaigns or blood transfusion.

The last point is the price of treatment, because this is a real curse especially in our area, because each patient for example in Egypt should incur about 1000 US$ monthly to cover the cost of his expensive treatment, some NGOs try to supply, or to cover a portion of this treatment for the patients. But we still having the problem of the world trade organization (the exclusive patent rights – we can see also now-a-days the same problem with treatments of H1N1).

Not only that, but also the crises of monopolizing this important industry of medicines or the monopolistic competition practices among the transnational companies (the Giants) which will never allow to the current prices to get reduced. Furthermore, reaching the maximum profits according to never granting licenses for the second class national companies to produce the necessary treatment in relevant prices.

All the above mentioned affecting negatively all the patients of the poor society especially in our developing and under the developing states where about 90% of both patients and vectors existing. However we have to highlight the experience of both India and Brazil where their governments allowed to the national companies to produce the treatment by an indirect way domestically with very low prices, not only that, but also allocate the treatment according to cards granted to the poor people according to their medical insurance systems over there.

Such two states never care about the fury of the giants, because they put on their priority the interest of their peoples not anything else.


Unfortunately Nelson Mandela didn’t use his global or good reputation in creating a fund in Africa for fighting AIDS, even though he is charismatic character, he was able to collect charities, and had a good relation with the West especially US to do that.

Finally, I’d like our societies to deal with the matter of the sexual awareness in different way, as a matter of changing the concepts, and of course as a way of prevention of the contamination. To deal with the transparency and the gratuity checkup as a matter of national security, in order to evaluate or to estimate according to a standard method the real number of patients and vectors, in order to provide the proper volume of treatment in this regard, to deal with the exaggerated high rates of treatment as India and Brazil or at least get learned from their unique experience.

“AIDS should be treated as corruption in our society, because the corruption will never stop without a real public consciousness, awareness and multimedia to confront our crises, plus some sort of transparency that belongs to preparing standard statistics, data and information that will give us the ability to diagnose this curse in the right way”.

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