Ahmed Moustafa expresses his view about Gaza Israeli’s invasion


The situation will never be fixed as long as our Arab regimes give support to Israel, I’m not against Israel, because I do respect the Rapi who protested against the aggression and the invasion of Gaza, this situation will never be fixed without resorting to a very urgent boycott with Israel and dismissing the Israeli Ambassadors from all the Arab and Muslim states.
Arab youth should hand over the initiative in respect of an equaled dialogue with Israeli youth as we did before many times, because we are 70% of the population and the future is ours not the political regimes.
Israel is afraid of the higher demographical rate in the favour of the Palestinians not in their favour, therefore they import manpower from allover the world even from Muslim countries and this fear is always the motive and the factor to attack and kill Palestinians most of the time under their allegation of self deterrence and defense, however if they really have the good faith and intention to go on a real peace process not the plays that we see since 1991, each party will adopt equal solutions.
Israeli always assuming that they kill civilians as Hamas use them as fenders, however all the TV channels around the world televising what’s going on, they have to stop lying to us and to the world, because protests is moving around the world condemning that non-humanitarian aggression.


Ahmed Moustafa