the Humanitarian role of the international Organizations in the Middle East



In the beginning I just wanna thank the world bank
information center at the Bib-Alex for their kind
invitation to attend the inauguration of the UN
development projects pics expo by Dr. Ismail
Serageldin the Director of the Bib-Alex and other
guests representing the UN agencies and organizations
and to share at the session that been held after that
on Jul.31st.2007 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
concerning their developing role here in the
& North Africa (MENA) region.


Actually the attendees wasn’t big enough as expected
after sending many invitations to many interested
persons, may be they spending their summer vacations
on beaches here in
Alexandria or there on the North
Coast, however on the same day there were another 2
events the centenary anniversary of the Egyptian
cinema on the same place, not only that but also, the Arab
League Model that approached many of the younger
generation to attend this important session at the
same place also.


In my point of view it was very important for the UN
agencies and organization to hold a session like that
in this time being especially in
Alexandria (outside
Cairo) at least in order to broad and raise the public
awareness about its roles in global development
especially in South just to improve its image before
the mass, because there was some sort of mistrust
after some big events here in the area especially the
last war against
Lebanon 2006, in addition to that the
lack of the information from the side of the majority
concerning their exact roles in the world, especially
their humanitarian roles.


The session had been moderated by the well-known
journalist Mr. Yehia Ghanem from Al-Ahram News,
however there were 5 speakers in respect “Dr. Ismail
Serageldin (the Director of Bib-Alex), Mr. Khalid
Mansour (the World Food Program), Mr. Maher Nasser
(the Press officer of the regional UN office here in
Cairo), Madam Hanan Suleiman (the Deputy of the
Director and a Program Officer at
UNICEF Egypt) and
finally Mr. Khalid Fonsa (the Rep of the UNHCR)


Without any doubt the attendees enjoyed this fruitable
session, because they added many things and addressed
many good and in topic questions to the panel, the
last which answered them in a very frank way.


Last but not least, as mentioned in the beginning we
are badly in need of sessions from the UN agencies and
organizations not only for the right information we
get, but also they have and offer many opportunities
for collaboration with both individuals and NGOs.

Best regards

Ahmed Moustafa

Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher
Human Rights Activist/Blogger
Youth Trainer
Representative of
Egyptian Association for Constitutional &
Legal Human Rights (eaclhr)
A member in the family of the external affairs
At Egyptian Association of the
Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Mob/Cell: 002-010-9229411