Democrats losing Congress Elections

Ahmed Moustafa

The big sin of President Obama is to lose his self-confidence and to declare before the people who elected him legitimately that he is a Christian and not a Muslim, even if the American Constitution doesn’t contradict it because America is the country of all whatsoever their orientations, the matter that came towards him in such elections and making his party lose it.

Frankly speaking his situation reminded me by a similar one occurred with Hamas in occupied lands and Gaza when they won the elections legitimately, then both Israel and US started to demolish them alleging that they are fanatics and shall never be in governance and fabricated problems between it and Fattah, the matter that lead the whole Palestinian situation as we see now-a-days.

The second point of defect in losing such congress elections represented in the role of media in USA that had hidden all the facts from being disclosed to the people and was filtered all the time, since the unjustified wars against Afghanistan and Iraq in 2002, till the worldwide financial crisis that occurred as a result of the mistakes and sins of the Eagles (Republicans) in 2008.

Accordingly, all the Americans thinking that a new Afro-American man can reform and change everything at a wink of eye, without being aware of the catastrophe that occurred to them and made them losing even their own habitats and residences. whereas the media to justify such sin, alleged that such crisis occurred due to the real estate mortgage system problems, which is not true at all, because the wars ruined the world and made it lose US$ 370000/minute.

The third point, Obama and democrats tried all times to yield to the desires of republicans without any appropriate study for such desires or decisions, as if they are afraid from them and forgot all authorities and powers granted to them according to the provisions of the American Constitution.

And when Obama wanted to reform and both Health and Economic sectors, he confronted a strong opposition from Republicans, as the latter was afraid of being questioned or interrogated as they were involved before Obama and Democrats  in governance and a lot of corruption incidents took place especially from Weapons and Energy Lobbies and nobody from Republicans could not even mention it. Evidently, Obama was able to win, according to the foresaid, if he really started to disclose such violations and interrogated all Republicans involved in corruption before the American media that was most of the time against him.

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