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Frankly speaking, I do not know what supposed to be said in this time being when we have international organizations, universities, research centers, media, places for worship and schools, all made to build the good human being and raise perceptual and cognitive development of him/her, and despite all such institutions and this amazing scientific research, which made the human reached and made him flying and landing on the moon and make a big discovery of the secrets of the universe, as well as nanotechnology and the revolution of communication that made two friends from different continents can chat together live with camera, all of this accumulation of civilization supposed to connect and unite the peoples worldwide, however, as much as civilization accumulated, as much as unfortunately the humanitarian hostility and hating are growing between peoples, whether based on sex, on color or the worst one on the ethnicity and religion.


It is worthy to be said that the west created the sectarian dispute, when USA felt in 1970s that it is the supreme power worldwide, when such matter was parallel with the Egyptian and Syrian victory on Israel in 1973, USA for the first time defused the Lebanese sectarian dispute (planned by Kissinger) to protect Israel from any regional war, which extended since 1976 until 1991 and this case incurred Lebanon US$ 15 Billion, it was the first time to hear according to the sect, this is Sunni, this is Shia, this is Maroni and this Druze, in this paper I shall highlight the matter of segregation against Shia minorities in the world that escalated recently, through the introduction and the objectives of this paper, giving comparative cases in several states and how the west use the fear of Shia in achieving its targets in our Arabic and Islamic world, finally give some conclusions that may lead us to better future based on humanitarian diversity, mutual respect and acceptance.


The objective:-


To measure and to monitor how much Shia sect is accepted worldwide and how much they are safe and empowered with the other Muslim sects in society, as well as how much Sh ia participated actively in the human development worldwide through one of the projects that adopted be the United Nations based on the Idea of the Ex-President of Iran Syed/ Mohamed Khatami “the Dialogue between Civilizations” as a response to what Huntington and Fokuyama mentioned in their writings “the Clash between Civilization” the subject that matching with the real virtues of Islam, disseminating the peace. Also to show how much a Muslim state with a majority of Shia, represented in Iran, is competing with the giant states in the world and present a model in arts, scientific research and the empowerment of woman, the matter to which most of the states worldwide are suffering from the lack of empowerment of woman.




·       Shia: It means a Muslim sect that composed of the people who love and follow Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) the prophet of Islam, adore and respect his holly family members and their immaculate offspring (who called “Aal–Albeit”) until now, whereas the holly family of Aal-Albeit was consisting of this holly daughter Syedah/ Fatimah Al-Zahraa, one of the best 4 women in paradise, and her husband Syed/ Ali Ibn Abi Taleb the cousin of Prophet Mohamed, the first boy, who believed in him as a prophet of Islam, and also he was his luckiest cousin, who reared and grown in his house, as well as a good warrior/gladiator in the most important battles against Islam, a perfect wise judge has a lot of maxims and adages in the history, in addition, the 4th Caliph of Muslims after the death of his cousin Prophet Mohamed.


·       Al-Hussein: the son of both Syedah/ Fatimah Al-Zahraa, and her husband Syed/ Ali Ibn Abi Taleb the cousin of Prophet Mohamed, who killed and was the martyr of justice in Karpalaa, Iraq, as he was fighting the corruption of Caliph Moaweyah Ibn Abi Soufiane when he wanted to inherit the ruling to his son Yazid to be his successor as a new caliph without submitting to the principle of Shoura/the circulation of decision among the wise people and sheikhs to select and approve the new caliph, which was made since the existence of prophet Mohamed and that represents the indirect presidential elections in this time being, therefore, Hussein is considered the first rebel in the history, when he frankly refused the inheritance of ruling as a kind of political corruption and from such time he is a the best model for shia worldwide.


·       The Husseineyah: the place where the Shia practicing their worships and prayers, as well as has a big role in developing the culture and the awareness of Shia and their followers.     


The reasons of hating Shia:-


·       External Reason: American pressures since the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 and dismissing the US diplomatic commission from their embassy in Tehran after the American attack to breakthrough the embassy in Tehran to release its staff, because the new regime of Syed Ayat Allah Khomeini was against the US interference, not like the ex-regime of the Shah who was with US interference in Iranian policy and dependency on USA as Iran was a part of Baghdad Pact. Therefore when the model of the sectarian dispute succeeded in Lebanon that made by Kissinger the US Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 1975 to protect Israel from any regional war, accordingly USA made its strategy with the Iranian case based on a double impact, growing the sectarian dispute between Shia represented in Iran and Sunna represented in GCC states by pressures on the regimes of GCC states, despite such states including a lot of Shia, and some of them may be Shia sect representing the bigger slice of the population e.g. Bahrain, as well as pushing the Iraqi regime to involve in a war against Iran also to get rid of two important Islamic powers and armies (Iranian and Iraqi Ones).

·       Media Impact: Media is very important element and tool whether to praise or to deform anything, therefore USA and GCC media have agreed to use non-objective and irrational media against Iran indirectly by using this sectarian dispute against Shia by highlighting that in Shia sect Sheikhs/clergy men and Syeds insult the companions of Prophet Mohamed, as well as the mothers of Muslim believers some of the wives of Prophet Mohamed especially Lady/Aisha and Lady/ Hafsah, the matter that made the majority of Sunna peoples feel hostility towards Shia, not only that but also, it was for the favor of the regimes and royal families of the GCC states, because it made their people forget their fundamental rights, as well as Iran is trying to disseminate Shia sect in the whole Arab world maliciously, which is untrue, despite Iran in the last year had about US$ 40 Billions of mutual trade, investments and business with GCC states.

·       Moral Impact: Also the Sunna sheikhs defused maliciously among the crowds of Sunna that Shia always practicing the Enjoyment/Motaa marriage; which is not illicit, because some Imams permitted it and some not, because it is similar to the ordinary marriage, however it is a marriage with a determined period of time; however the clergy men of Sunna specially the Wahhabis and the Salafis adopted by GCC states alleged that is immoral marriage based on exchanging wives and not respecting the codes and terms of the right marriage, which is untrue at all.                           


Giving comparative cases of the situations of Shia regionally and internationally:-


·       Egypt & Syria

By reviewing some figures, the number of Shia in Egypt is about 2 millions distributed on Lower and Upper Egypt, most of them adopting Gaafari doctrine, which has been approved by Sheikh Al-Azhar (Mr. Shaltout) since 1950s, the shia were surviving without problems till the time of the ex-regime of Mubarak and the current regime of Brotherhood, despite the relationship with Iran is resumed since the success of our revolution. As all know that Egypt is the scale holder in Arab and Islamic world, therefore when something occurred in or to Egypt its impact will be unlimited and extends to the other states in the region, therefore the other peoples in the area in all of Libya, Yemen and Bahrain inspired by the Egyptian revolution, and one of them was the Syrian people, however there were several mistakes in the Syrian uprising (not a revolution) we will not discuss it now, however when the official Syrian army made a remarkable and tangible progress and in few time will extend its control in all the Syrian region, as well as the near fall of the Justice and Development in Turkey, the Russian control on the Syrian situation, US wanted to find a quick substitute in the area, they found only Egypt and GCC, accordingly in 3 consecutive days there was escalation against Shia and Syria as Bashar the president is belonging to Alawies (Shia Doctrine) the regime in Egypt used Salafis and Wahabis to call for Jehad in Syria in mosques, as well as the adhoc statement of the Egyptian regime to boycott the relations with Syria immediately, consequentially some fanatics in Abu Al-Nomros (a small village in Giza), Egypt proceeded to the house of a Shie simple and innocent Hassan Shehata and killed him with other 3 innocent Shia in his house and then distorted their corpses with the silence of the existed police troops at the scene of the incident.

In addition the Shia in Egypt were deprived from having their Husseineyas, deprived from having their own ceremonies, having their own NGOs including clubs, political parties and association, they were merged with Suffies all the time especially in Upper-Egypt, they were all the time arrested or under arrest by the state security, and also were occurred and exposed all times to deformation, gossips and direct insult from the ordinary people who do not know their sect well.    


·       Bahrain

In Bahrain the situation is different, Shia represents about 65% of the population, we remember that in 1971, the whole islands had the choice whether to be a part of Iran, like Ahwaz the Arabs of Iran or to be an Arab kingdom, they preferred to be Arab kingdom under the ruling of Khalaf’s Royal Family, since 2001 they claimed and requested to transform the state to a constitutional kingdom like UK, because despite they are the majority in population there is no equality whether in their representation or in the state’s higher posts like Judiciary, whereas Shia in Bahrain having a substitute represented in strong NGOs, therefore they are very well organized, after the success of our peaceful revolution of Jan 25th, they were very energetic to do something similar and peaceful, therefore they decided on the end of Feb 2011 to set and protest in Dawar Loaloaa Square in Manama as the biggest square in Bahrain, which is similar to what was succeeded in Tahrir in Egypt, however the regime used arbitrary and abusively the AlJazeera Army in this matter to demolish this peaceful revolution and protests of the peaceful rebels, you cannot imagine  how much is the demolition occurred to Bahrain accordingly, not only that, most of the rebels and opposition in Bahrain that is not limited to Shia but including all other streams even some of the Sunna there, who disagree with the acts of the regime are tarnished and defamed always that their loyalty belongs to Iran, despite they are insisting that they are Arabs. Kindly know that all such matter was mentioned in the delegate of UNHRC’s report that called (Bassiouny’s Report).


·       Yemen

Also in Yemen, whereas the military interference of both KSA and USA against the people of southern Yemen (Houtheyeen) as they have a good relation with Iran and some of them belong to Shia, who are not agreeing with the Yemeni resolution after a strong peaceful revolution, and USA is always until now using the KSA southern borders to attack the southern Yemeni by automatic aerodromes and still killing innocent citizens there, not for the favor of Yemen but for the favor and the interest of both USA and KSA.


·       Pakistan & Iraq

A lot of Shia are being killed every day for the sectarian dispute that has been grown by the US since the existence of Al-Qaeda and afterwards Taliban, whereas both of them are fanatic and accepting and respecting the others despite Shia are Muslims, the situation of Shia in Pakistan very similar to the situation in Iraq, when we hear every week a very big explosion in Iraq always in the places of Shia and Husseinyas and such security catastrophe was the consequence of the US invasion since 2003, that grown the sectarian disputes among the sects and grown the mercenary and assassins business in Iraq to guarantee and warrant its existence for a very long time there to control the oil and gas big reservoir in Iraq.


·       Belgium

The last year in Brussels some Wahabies and Takfeeries exploded a Shia mosque and such attack or ballast caused several killed and injured victims from Shia inside such mosque, based on deformed information leaked to the conspirators who made such ballast.


Finally, we concise that such attacks against Shia minority are belonging to political clashes in between US and Iran, because Iran is an independent state and does not want to yield to USA and going on its Nuclear Project according to NPT treaty, therefore, USA used a strategy of pushing GCC states to attack Iran by proxy indirectly through attacking Shia and grow fanatics and terrorists worldwide to attack Shia to sustain the status of the sectarian dispute/No War No Peace, to keep control on the regimes, as well as the wealth of the Arab world and finally to keep the stability and the peace of its ally “Israel”.      




–         We have to keep the initiative of Syed/ Mohamed Khatemi “the former Iranian president” The Dialogue Between Civilizations, but it should include more categories of people represented in youth and clergy people of all religions and sects and should be adopted everywhere annually to fight fanaticism, sectarian dispute and hostility and elaborating applicable methods to fight such phenomena by the united nations, we know that there is some trials, however, it reaches only elites not more.

–         USA should be persuaded that it is not anymore the supreme power worldwide, and its anticipated wars against the illusion that called terrorism made the whole world suffering economically, because it spent in Afghanistan attacks and Iraqi War about US$ 12 Trillion (US$ 300000/Minute), therefore USA cannot be anymore the supreme power worldwide, and USA has to adopt a conference between Iran and the Arab States for settling the current situation based on the security of the gulf, despite the normal diplomatic relations with Iran and big business and investments between the two sides that reached US$ 40 Billion.

–         USA has to recognize the right of Iran in the peaceful use of the nuclear power of Iran according to NPT, as well as obliging Israel to ratify such treaty, not only that but also, obliging Israel to allow IAEA committee to inspect its nuclear reactors to verify whether Israel producing Mass Destruction Weapons or not.

Kindest regards,


Ahmed Moustafa

Economic & Political Researcher        



Ahmed Moustafa: Obama went before me, unfortunately, to congratulate Iran for Holidays

Ahmed Moustafa



Obama went before me, unfortunately, this year, and also back since he came to power to congratulate thepeople of the Iranian Nowruz and the beginning of the solar year, but that this year a tone calmer than before butnot as severe as usual, but the loss of America and Israel and the West imposed itself on the scene for the Iranian Chinese Turkish Russian axis Do not compare, and especially after the Arab revolts in Egypt and Tunisia,and conflicting positions of the West, which seemed to flopped in the beginning, when the West got up this nightmare threatening to the security of Israel and American interests in the Arab world and the Middle East.



While supportive attitude of the peoples and governments of the center of the new powers the youngest andstrongest economies, has emerged as the top of the conflict in the Syrian situation, which does not reflect the real revolution, as happened in Egypt and Tunisia, and also agreed on the concept of revolutions and the use offactions internal forces of Arab regional do not like to happen revolutions in their countries, while supportingsplit in Syria and fragmentation, as has happened in Iraq, Libya, Sudan, on the basis of doctrinal and sectarian to serve the thrones of these regimes, which are protected by U.S. and accelerate the achievement of the Kissinger, which was planned after the victory of the Arabs to Israel in the October 1973 war and all the fronts, so as not toguarantee for the Arabs and Islam any renaissance.


As well as the use of this faction of the West and the lack of response from the beginning to sit at the negotiating table with the regime to resolve, because most of the Syrians until the present in America, who I know agreed that the demands were not economic, social, but was especially freedom of expression and to form parties and participate in power and constitutional amendments – although the roof freedoms in Syria is very high compared to the Gulf States, for example.



When we were talking in the media that it must maintain the unity of the Syrian people and the home front Syrianin this difficult time, in support of the resistance of Arab, Islamic and not to use abroad, “because who thinks heis being protected by abroad is a shame,” because of their Lord, interests, and that the decisions of the Arab League came wrong and far from Statutes of the Arab League, we were attacked by certain religious currents,ignorant of the Syrian situation is very complex and some people who lose their subjects linked to the Syriansituation is not simple enough.


However, with the withdrawal of European and American and Turkish to the absence of a decision of an international uniform, as well as a Russian and Chinese veto and pressure of Iran, because the three countries,who are ready and able to resolve the situation, have resolved the matter of legitimacy in Syria, and became the media, which misled the Arab people for at least six months in this regard , floundering in its statements, and one of them continued to publish news of Syrian Liberal Army, as if immune to the situation, which is resolved on the ground of the Syrian regime, and exposed the currents supported from abroad to a big dilemma, becauseeven if we support the opposition in Syria in the first, but now it is in a difficult situation, because the regime is to impose itself and changed the compass in its favor, as well as the success of Putin in Russian election also was the last building block for the failure of this rebellion Syrian, because Putin has also taught the West a lesson in the war took place with Georgia, 2008, can with minimal effort put America and the West in the quagmire ofanother with Syria if he wanted.


And therefore I say to America and the countries that walked in the tail thereto “Hard Luck” It was better to keep the dignity and you may put an end for the issue regionally, because the problem is summarized in theempowerment of Arab youth in all Arab countries, as well as the Arab peoples, and the sharing of power and wealth, and freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary, freedom of civil society, and university and academic freedom, because these are the problems of Arabs, do you able to solve these problems withintwo years, for example, in the event that this period of time shall be extended, we expect increased revolutionstopple all Arab thrones.


Will the Arabs actually able to engage and understand the impact of the new powers in the world, those forces that won all rounds without a loss because it is more study and understanding of the world and learned the lessons of the loss of the West – and try to shape its relations with them in the light of mutual respect and interests – or that the interests of governments and thrones in the world Arab is still tricked into contracts with the West and Israel? Please answer quickly.  


Ahmed Moustafa
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