Ahmed Moustafa: the most important points mentioned in #Putin’s press conference a week before



In the beginning, I said it before and repeat it over and over again, President Putin is considered a respectable model for a conservative and distinguished president, who always giving progress to his state Russia and carrying out good relations with all the other states, including his enemy state (USA), whereas Putin imposing his strong diplomacy as well as respect over all through his commitment of the principles of the international law and his adhesion thereof, lest being blamed by anyone, second, his respect towards the peoples worldwide, as he is not interfering in any state’s internal affairs, especially Egypt in its revolution of 30th of July 2013, whereas there is a similarity in his foreign policy with China in this regard.

The first point: Putin focused on the necessity of the political solution for the Syrian crisis and holding Geneva II conference in time at the end of January 2014, and warned from the interference of some regional powers that will degrade the current situation accordingly – Also, he insisted on the necessity to be adhered with the agreement concerning Iranian Nuclear Issue, which called (5+1), in order to reveal settlement and peace in the area, because such matter will pave the way between the two parties for more convenience and will open the door for mutual trade and better future.

The second point: Not to interfere in the Ukrainian internal affairs, however he refused the imbalance of the powers in this area of the world, and that Ukraine has a lot of resources and enjoying a strategic place, as he carried out the whole case of Ukraine in the past two days through supporting Ukraine with the necessary fuel with lower prices than Europe, as well as increasing the volume of mutual trade between Russia and Ukraine, and supporting the Ukrainian economy, the matter to which EU and USA were jumping on as a spite towards Putin pertaining to his strong and stable situation with both of Egypt and Syria in Middle East.

The third point: he stated it frankly that Russia against the Missiles Wall in Europe for NATO, because it is useless, accordingly Russia is entitled to increase its armament, in case NATO insisted to go on the construction of such wall, because it will undermine the balance of power in Eurasia, therefore if happened, Russia will take all the necessary measures to protect itself accordingly.

The fourth point: concerning the smart question addressed to him from one of the journalists in the hall about the future of Russia after Putin, however the latter was smarter than the journalist and replied that Russia is full of political capabilities that can rule Russia perfectly.

Last, Putin talked about the USA-NSA surveillance all over the most of the states of the world under the allegation of following and fighting “the terrorism”, however in case USA should do that in ambiance full of disclosure, transparency and respecting the codes of the law, because such matter is improper for a big state like USA.

Ahmed Moustafa
Economic & Political Researcher