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Ahmed Moustafa: the most important points mentioned in #Putin’s press conference a week before

December 27, 2013



In the beginning, I said it before and repeat it over and over again, President Putin is considered a respectable model for a conservative and distinguished president, who always giving progress to his state Russia and carrying out good relations with all the other states, including his enemy state (USA), whereas Putin imposing his strong diplomacy as well as respect over all through his commitment of the principles of the international law and his adhesion thereof, lest being blamed by anyone, second, his respect towards the peoples worldwide, as he is not interfering in any state’s internal affairs, especially Egypt in its revolution of 30th of July 2013, whereas there is a similarity in his foreign policy with China in this regard.

The first point: Putin focused on the necessity of the political solution for the Syrian crisis and holding Geneva II conference in time at the end of January 2014, and warned from the interference of some regional powers that will degrade the current situation accordingly – Also, he insisted on the necessity to be adhered with the agreement concerning Iranian Nuclear Issue, which called (5+1), in order to reveal settlement and peace in the area, because such matter will pave the way between the two parties for more convenience and will open the door for mutual trade and better future.

The second point: Not to interfere in the Ukrainian internal affairs, however he refused the imbalance of the powers in this area of the world, and that Ukraine has a lot of resources and enjoying a strategic place, as he carried out the whole case of Ukraine in the past two days through supporting Ukraine with the necessary fuel with lower prices than Europe, as well as increasing the volume of mutual trade between Russia and Ukraine, and supporting the Ukrainian economy, the matter to which EU and USA were jumping on as a spite towards Putin pertaining to his strong and stable situation with both of Egypt and Syria in Middle East.

The third point: he stated it frankly that Russia against the Missiles Wall in Europe for NATO, because it is useless, accordingly Russia is entitled to increase its armament, in case NATO insisted to go on the construction of such wall, because it will undermine the balance of power in Eurasia, therefore if happened, Russia will take all the necessary measures to protect itself accordingly.

The fourth point: concerning the smart question addressed to him from one of the journalists in the hall about the future of Russia after Putin, however the latter was smarter than the journalist and replied that Russia is full of political capabilities that can rule Russia perfectly.

Last, Putin talked about the USA-NSA surveillance all over the most of the states of the world under the allegation of following and fighting “the terrorism”, however in case USA should do that in ambiance full of disclosure, transparency and respecting the codes of the law, because such matter is improper for a big state like USA.

Ahmed Moustafa
Economic & Political Researcher


ِAhmed Moustafa: USA is the head of economic corruption worldwide

December 22, 2013


USA is the head of economic corruption worldwide
الولايات المتحدة رأس الفساد الإقتصادى فى العالم

A couple of days before, we heard about the bankruptcy of Detroit, the castle of cars industry in USA that belongs to Michigan State, and the indebtedness of Detroit amounted to US$ 18 Billion for accumulated reasons started from the beginning of this 21st century.

قبل بضعة أيام، سمعنا عن إفلاس ديترويت، قلعة صناعة السيارات في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية والتي تنتمي إلى ولاية ميشيغان، حيث بلغت مديونية ديترويت حوالى 18 مليار دولار أمريكي لأسباب متراكمة من بداية هذه القرن الحادى والعشرين.

Whereas the main creditor that represented in Bank of America is possessing 75% of each US$ according to a request of protection of bankruptcy presented from its side, and a lot of economic analysts and experts thought that Mr. Snyder the governor of Detroit was mistaken in approving the bankruptcy of the city, because it will affect negatively on the funds of the retired and jobless people, who will be affected negatively and directly from such court decision, therefore there was no a humanitarian dimension, that made them bearing the corruption of the corruption of the government.

في حين أن الدائن الرئيسي الذي تمثل في بنك أوف أميركا يمتلك 75٪ من كل دولار أمريكي داخل فى ديون المدينة، وذلك وفقا لطلب الحماية من الإفلاس الذى قدم من جانبه، والكثير من المحللين الاقتصاديين والخبراء يعتقد أن السيد سنايدر محافظ ديترويت كان مخطئا في الموافقة على إعلان إفلاس المدينة، لأنه سوف يؤثر سلبا على صناديق المتقاعدين والعاطلين عن العمل، الذين سيتأثروا سلبا وبشكل مباشر من قرار المحكمة هذا، وبالتالي لم يكن هناك بعد إنساني، التي جعلتهم يتحملون فساد الحكومة.

Bearing in mind that there are other 5 cities are exposed to bankruptcy like Detroit, also 35% of the people of Detroit are surviving under poverty edge, and then such city cannot be transferred so easily to another business activity as Snyder mentioned, because it is the car fabrication city and instead of saying such statement, he should make a profound case-study with the investors in the city especially General Motors and Ford in order to make the city attracting the investments again in the same field and make it more competitive comparing to both of Far-East and European Union.

ومع الوضع فى الإعتبار أن هناك5 مدن أخرى ستتعرض للافلاس مثل ديترويت، وأيضا 35٪ من سكان ديترويت تحت حافة الفقر، ومن ثم مثل هذه المدينة لا يمكن نقلها بسهولة إلى نشاط تجاري آخر كما ذكر سنايدر، لأنها مدينة تصنيع السيارات وبدلا من أن يصرح بمثل هذا البيان، وعليه يجب إجراء دراسة حالة عميقة مع المستثمرين في المدينة وخاصة جنرال موتورز وفورد من أجل جعل المدينة جاذبة للاستثمارات مرة أخرى في نفس المجال وجعلها أكثر قدرة على المنافسة مقارنة إلى كل من الشرق الأقصى والاتحاد الأوروبي.

On the other hand, we heard in some economic news in USA that the indicator of the unemployment is improved, and such improvement is better than 6 years before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I do not know how, despite the same reasons of corruption in USA still existed.

من ناحية أخرى، سمعنا في بعض الأخبار الاقتصادية في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية أن مؤشر البطالة قد تحسن، وهذا التحسن هو أفضل من 6 سنوات سابقة !!!!!!!!!!، وأنا لا أعرف كيف، على الرغم من أن نفس أسباب الفساد في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لا تزال موجودة.

The big problem is that the first news released and revealed worldwide without any simple economic analysis concerning why that happened as follows:-

المشكلة الكبرى هي أن الخبر الأول نشر في جميع أنحاء العالم دون أي تحليل اقتصادي بسيط بشأن لماذا حدث ذلك على النحو التالي:-

External Reasons:
USA being involved in unjustified wars against this illusionary entity that called terrorism in both Iraq and Afghanistan just for supremacy and controlling oil and gas in our region, and we have a lot said before, whereas the cost was about US$ 12 Trillion of the international economy, the wars induced by energy, weapons and zionist lobbies in USA, the matter that made most of the well-known US banks and financial institutes suffer and bankrupted (Leman Broz and Citi Group are very evident examples).

أسباب خارجية:
تورط الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية في حروب غير مبررة ضد هذا الكيان الوهمي المسمى الإرهاب في كل من العراق وأفغانستان فقط من أجل التفوق فقط، والسيطرة على النفط والغاز في منطقتنا، ونحن لدينا أدلة وقلنا الكثير من قبل، في حين كانت التكلفة حوالي 12 تريليون دولار من الاقتصاد الدولى، والحروب الناجمة بتحريض من لوبيات الطاقة والأسلحة وجماعات الضغط الصهيونية في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، الأمر الذي جعل معظم البنوك والمؤسسات المالية المعروفة تعانى وتفلس (وليمان بروز وسيتي جروب هي أمثلة واضحة جدا فى هذا الصدد).

Internal Reasons:
Corruption especially that took place during the time of Bush, the matter that made the house in Detroit for 1 US$ in 2007, the matter that made GW Bush the war criminal oppressing the Gulf States Regimes of KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE in 2008 and capturing a royalty amounted to US$ 4 Trillion to rescue USA in whole from bankruptcy, the matter that televised on most of Arab TVs but nobody made a comment.

أسباب داخلية:
الفساد وخاصة الذي وقع في عهد بوش، الأمر الذي جعل البيت في ديترويت يعرض للبيع مقابل 1 دولار أمريكي في عام 2007، الأمر الذي جعل جورج دبليو بوش مجرم الحرب أن يفرض على الأنظمة دول الخليج السعودية والكويت وقطر والإمارات العربية المتحدة في عام 2008 إتاوة بلغت 4 تريليون دولار لإنقاذ الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية كليا من الإفلاس، الأمر الذي تم بثه على معظم التلفزيونات العربية بدون أى تعليق.

Not respecting the USA judiciary and laws against corruption because many of BOD members of US financial institutions had not been exposed to even interrogations concerning the relationships between G W Bush regime and them, and the most evident case the Chairman of Leman Broz Bank who captured about US$ 50 Billion and nobody could even arrest him, therefore where is the state of law in USA? I am still insisting on my question this.

عدم احترام السلطة القضائية وقوانين مكافحة الفساد الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لأن العديد من أعضاء مجلس إدارة المؤسسات المالية في الولايات المتحدة لم يتم إستجوابهم حتى بشأن العلاقة بين نظام جورج دبليو بوش وبينهم، والحالة الأكثر وضوحا رئيس مجلس إدارة ليمان بروز الذي استولى على 50 مليار دولار ولم يستطع أحد القبض عليه، وبالتالي أين هى دولة القانون في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية؟ ما زلت مصرا على سؤالي هذا.

Finally, where is the role of Human Rights organizations in such corruption issues or such organizations interfere and involve in the other countries affairs except USA especially “Human Rights Watch”!!!!!!!!, as the current dirty US foreign policy, as well as, where is the left in USA? And I need asking an important question to USA policy makers, Do you think that the free market economy still the right economy? Also, Is the disposal of the real economy based on industry and agriculture was the biggest economic curse that facing USA economy now?

أخيرا، أين هو دور منظمات حقوق الإنسان في مثل هذه القضايا أو الفساد، مثل هذه المنظمات التى تتدخل في شؤون الدول الأخرى باستثناء الولايات المتحدة خصوصا “هيومن رايتس ووتش”!!!، وسياسة الولايات المتحدة الخارجية الحالية القذرة، وكذلك، أين هو اليسار في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية؟ وأنا بحاجة لتوجيه سؤال مهم لصناع السياسة الأمريكية، هل تعتقدون أن اقتصاد السوق الحر لا يزال الاقتصاد السليم؟ أيضا، وهل التخلص من الاقتصاد الحقيقي الذى يقوم على الصناعة والزراعة هو أكبر لعنة اقتصادية تواجه الاقتصاد الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية الآن؟

I need really answers from your side because USA should study the experiences of other states e.g. China, Iran and Russia in building a strong economy, cooperate with them, and fix their economy based on the real elements of developing economy not superficial ones.

أنا حقا بحاجة إلى إجابات من جانبكم لأن الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية يجب أن تدرس تجارب الدول الأخرى مثل الصين وإيران وروسيا في بناء اقتصاد قوي، والتعاون معهم، وإصلاح اقتصادهم بالإعتماد على العناصر الحقيقية لتنمية الاقتصاد النامية لا السطحية منها.

Ahmed Moustafa
Economic and Political Researcher

أحمد مصطفى
باحث اقتصادى وسياسى


Ahmed Moustafa: Violations against Shia Minorities

November 19, 2013



Presented by:-

Ahmed Moustafa

Member of Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (

Member of Alexandria International Arbitration Center & Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods


Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/

Legal Translator, Human Rights Activist/Blogger/Youth Trainer

International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt

Mob/Cell: 002-0100-9229411






Frankly speaking, I do not know what supposed to be said in this time being when we have international organizations, universities, research centers, media, places for worship and schools, all made to build the good human being and raise perceptual and cognitive development of him/her, and despite all such institutions and this amazing scientific research, which made the human reached and made him flying and landing on the moon and make a big discovery of the secrets of the universe, as well as nanotechnology and the revolution of communication that made two friends from different continents can chat together live with camera, all of this accumulation of civilization supposed to connect and unite the peoples worldwide, however, as much as civilization accumulated, as much as unfortunately the humanitarian hostility and hating are growing between peoples, whether based on sex, on color or the worst one on the ethnicity and religion.


It is worthy to be said that the west created the sectarian dispute, when USA felt in 1970s that it is the supreme power worldwide, when such matter was parallel with the Egyptian and Syrian victory on Israel in 1973, USA for the first time defused the Lebanese sectarian dispute (planned by Kissinger) to protect Israel from any regional war, which extended since 1976 until 1991 and this case incurred Lebanon US$ 15 Billion, it was the first time to hear according to the sect, this is Sunni, this is Shia, this is Maroni and this Druze, in this paper I shall highlight the matter of segregation against Shia minorities in the world that escalated recently, through the introduction and the objectives of this paper, giving comparative cases in several states and how the west use the fear of Shia in achieving its targets in our Arabic and Islamic world, finally give some conclusions that may lead us to better future based on humanitarian diversity, mutual respect and acceptance.


The objective:-


To measure and to monitor how much Shia sect is accepted worldwide and how much they are safe and empowered with the other Muslim sects in society, as well as how much Sh ia participated actively in the human development worldwide through one of the projects that adopted be the United Nations based on the Idea of the Ex-President of Iran Syed/ Mohamed Khatami “the Dialogue between Civilizations” as a response to what Huntington and Fokuyama mentioned in their writings “the Clash between Civilization” the subject that matching with the real virtues of Islam, disseminating the peace. Also to show how much a Muslim state with a majority of Shia, represented in Iran, is competing with the giant states in the world and present a model in arts, scientific research and the empowerment of woman, the matter to which most of the states worldwide are suffering from the lack of empowerment of woman.




·       Shia: It means a Muslim sect that composed of the people who love and follow Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) the prophet of Islam, adore and respect his holly family members and their immaculate offspring (who called “Aal–Albeit”) until now, whereas the holly family of Aal-Albeit was consisting of this holly daughter Syedah/ Fatimah Al-Zahraa, one of the best 4 women in paradise, and her husband Syed/ Ali Ibn Abi Taleb the cousin of Prophet Mohamed, the first boy, who believed in him as a prophet of Islam, and also he was his luckiest cousin, who reared and grown in his house, as well as a good warrior/gladiator in the most important battles against Islam, a perfect wise judge has a lot of maxims and adages in the history, in addition, the 4th Caliph of Muslims after the death of his cousin Prophet Mohamed.


·       Al-Hussein: the son of both Syedah/ Fatimah Al-Zahraa, and her husband Syed/ Ali Ibn Abi Taleb the cousin of Prophet Mohamed, who killed and was the martyr of justice in Karpalaa, Iraq, as he was fighting the corruption of Caliph Moaweyah Ibn Abi Soufiane when he wanted to inherit the ruling to his son Yazid to be his successor as a new caliph without submitting to the principle of Shoura/the circulation of decision among the wise people and sheikhs to select and approve the new caliph, which was made since the existence of prophet Mohamed and that represents the indirect presidential elections in this time being, therefore, Hussein is considered the first rebel in the history, when he frankly refused the inheritance of ruling as a kind of political corruption and from such time he is a the best model for shia worldwide.


·       The Husseineyah: the place where the Shia practicing their worships and prayers, as well as has a big role in developing the culture and the awareness of Shia and their followers.     


The reasons of hating Shia:-


·       External Reason: American pressures since the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 and dismissing the US diplomatic commission from their embassy in Tehran after the American attack to breakthrough the embassy in Tehran to release its staff, because the new regime of Syed Ayat Allah Khomeini was against the US interference, not like the ex-regime of the Shah who was with US interference in Iranian policy and dependency on USA as Iran was a part of Baghdad Pact. Therefore when the model of the sectarian dispute succeeded in Lebanon that made by Kissinger the US Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 1975 to protect Israel from any regional war, accordingly USA made its strategy with the Iranian case based on a double impact, growing the sectarian dispute between Shia represented in Iran and Sunna represented in GCC states by pressures on the regimes of GCC states, despite such states including a lot of Shia, and some of them may be Shia sect representing the bigger slice of the population e.g. Bahrain, as well as pushing the Iraqi regime to involve in a war against Iran also to get rid of two important Islamic powers and armies (Iranian and Iraqi Ones).

·       Media Impact: Media is very important element and tool whether to praise or to deform anything, therefore USA and GCC media have agreed to use non-objective and irrational media against Iran indirectly by using this sectarian dispute against Shia by highlighting that in Shia sect Sheikhs/clergy men and Syeds insult the companions of Prophet Mohamed, as well as the mothers of Muslim believers some of the wives of Prophet Mohamed especially Lady/Aisha and Lady/ Hafsah, the matter that made the majority of Sunna peoples feel hostility towards Shia, not only that but also, it was for the favor of the regimes and royal families of the GCC states, because it made their people forget their fundamental rights, as well as Iran is trying to disseminate Shia sect in the whole Arab world maliciously, which is untrue, despite Iran in the last year had about US$ 40 Billions of mutual trade, investments and business with GCC states.

·       Moral Impact: Also the Sunna sheikhs defused maliciously among the crowds of Sunna that Shia always practicing the Enjoyment/Motaa marriage; which is not illicit, because some Imams permitted it and some not, because it is similar to the ordinary marriage, however it is a marriage with a determined period of time; however the clergy men of Sunna specially the Wahhabis and the Salafis adopted by GCC states alleged that is immoral marriage based on exchanging wives and not respecting the codes and terms of the right marriage, which is untrue at all.                           


Giving comparative cases of the situations of Shia regionally and internationally:-


·       Egypt & Syria

By reviewing some figures, the number of Shia in Egypt is about 2 millions distributed on Lower and Upper Egypt, most of them adopting Gaafari doctrine, which has been approved by Sheikh Al-Azhar (Mr. Shaltout) since 1950s, the shia were surviving without problems till the time of the ex-regime of Mubarak and the current regime of Brotherhood, despite the relationship with Iran is resumed since the success of our revolution. As all know that Egypt is the scale holder in Arab and Islamic world, therefore when something occurred in or to Egypt its impact will be unlimited and extends to the other states in the region, therefore the other peoples in the area in all of Libya, Yemen and Bahrain inspired by the Egyptian revolution, and one of them was the Syrian people, however there were several mistakes in the Syrian uprising (not a revolution) we will not discuss it now, however when the official Syrian army made a remarkable and tangible progress and in few time will extend its control in all the Syrian region, as well as the near fall of the Justice and Development in Turkey, the Russian control on the Syrian situation, US wanted to find a quick substitute in the area, they found only Egypt and GCC, accordingly in 3 consecutive days there was escalation against Shia and Syria as Bashar the president is belonging to Alawies (Shia Doctrine) the regime in Egypt used Salafis and Wahabis to call for Jehad in Syria in mosques, as well as the adhoc statement of the Egyptian regime to boycott the relations with Syria immediately, consequentially some fanatics in Abu Al-Nomros (a small village in Giza), Egypt proceeded to the house of a Shie simple and innocent Hassan Shehata and killed him with other 3 innocent Shia in his house and then distorted their corpses with the silence of the existed police troops at the scene of the incident.

In addition the Shia in Egypt were deprived from having their Husseineyas, deprived from having their own ceremonies, having their own NGOs including clubs, political parties and association, they were merged with Suffies all the time especially in Upper-Egypt, they were all the time arrested or under arrest by the state security, and also were occurred and exposed all times to deformation, gossips and direct insult from the ordinary people who do not know their sect well.    


·       Bahrain

In Bahrain the situation is different, Shia represents about 65% of the population, we remember that in 1971, the whole islands had the choice whether to be a part of Iran, like Ahwaz the Arabs of Iran or to be an Arab kingdom, they preferred to be Arab kingdom under the ruling of Khalaf’s Royal Family, since 2001 they claimed and requested to transform the state to a constitutional kingdom like UK, because despite they are the majority in population there is no equality whether in their representation or in the state’s higher posts like Judiciary, whereas Shia in Bahrain having a substitute represented in strong NGOs, therefore they are very well organized, after the success of our peaceful revolution of Jan 25th, they were very energetic to do something similar and peaceful, therefore they decided on the end of Feb 2011 to set and protest in Dawar Loaloaa Square in Manama as the biggest square in Bahrain, which is similar to what was succeeded in Tahrir in Egypt, however the regime used arbitrary and abusively the AlJazeera Army in this matter to demolish this peaceful revolution and protests of the peaceful rebels, you cannot imagine  how much is the demolition occurred to Bahrain accordingly, not only that, most of the rebels and opposition in Bahrain that is not limited to Shia but including all other streams even some of the Sunna there, who disagree with the acts of the regime are tarnished and defamed always that their loyalty belongs to Iran, despite they are insisting that they are Arabs. Kindly know that all such matter was mentioned in the delegate of UNHRC’s report that called (Bassiouny’s Report).


·       Yemen

Also in Yemen, whereas the military interference of both KSA and USA against the people of southern Yemen (Houtheyeen) as they have a good relation with Iran and some of them belong to Shia, who are not agreeing with the Yemeni resolution after a strong peaceful revolution, and USA is always until now using the KSA southern borders to attack the southern Yemeni by automatic aerodromes and still killing innocent citizens there, not for the favor of Yemen but for the favor and the interest of both USA and KSA.


·       Pakistan & Iraq

A lot of Shia are being killed every day for the sectarian dispute that has been grown by the US since the existence of Al-Qaeda and afterwards Taliban, whereas both of them are fanatic and accepting and respecting the others despite Shia are Muslims, the situation of Shia in Pakistan very similar to the situation in Iraq, when we hear every week a very big explosion in Iraq always in the places of Shia and Husseinyas and such security catastrophe was the consequence of the US invasion since 2003, that grown the sectarian disputes among the sects and grown the mercenary and assassins business in Iraq to guarantee and warrant its existence for a very long time there to control the oil and gas big reservoir in Iraq.


·       Belgium

The last year in Brussels some Wahabies and Takfeeries exploded a Shia mosque and such attack or ballast caused several killed and injured victims from Shia inside such mosque, based on deformed information leaked to the conspirators who made such ballast.


Finally, we concise that such attacks against Shia minority are belonging to political clashes in between US and Iran, because Iran is an independent state and does not want to yield to USA and going on its Nuclear Project according to NPT treaty, therefore, USA used a strategy of pushing GCC states to attack Iran by proxy indirectly through attacking Shia and grow fanatics and terrorists worldwide to attack Shia to sustain the status of the sectarian dispute/No War No Peace, to keep control on the regimes, as well as the wealth of the Arab world and finally to keep the stability and the peace of its ally “Israel”.      




–         We have to keep the initiative of Syed/ Mohamed Khatemi “the former Iranian president” The Dialogue Between Civilizations, but it should include more categories of people represented in youth and clergy people of all religions and sects and should be adopted everywhere annually to fight fanaticism, sectarian dispute and hostility and elaborating applicable methods to fight such phenomena by the united nations, we know that there is some trials, however, it reaches only elites not more.

–         USA should be persuaded that it is not anymore the supreme power worldwide, and its anticipated wars against the illusion that called terrorism made the whole world suffering economically, because it spent in Afghanistan attacks and Iraqi War about US$ 12 Trillion (US$ 300000/Minute), therefore USA cannot be anymore the supreme power worldwide, and USA has to adopt a conference between Iran and the Arab States for settling the current situation based on the security of the gulf, despite the normal diplomatic relations with Iran and big business and investments between the two sides that reached US$ 40 Billion.

–         USA has to recognize the right of Iran in the peaceful use of the nuclear power of Iran according to NPT, as well as obliging Israel to ratify such treaty, not only that but also, obliging Israel to allow IAEA committee to inspect its nuclear reactors to verify whether Israel producing Mass Destruction Weapons or not.

Kindest regards,


Ahmed Moustafa

Economic & Political Researcher        


Doha 12th Forum & Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future By: Ahmed Moustafa

June 10, 2012

منتدى الدوحة الثانى عشر

وإثراء المستقبل الإقتصادى للشرق الأوسط

Doha 12th Forum &

Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future

للمرة الثانية أتكلم عن الكرم والحفاوة وحسن التنظيم المعهود والذى رأيته على مدار ثلاث مرات سابقة حضرت للمشاركة فى فعاليات فى دولة قطر منها منتدى الدوحة الحادى عشر العام الماضى وكذلك على نفس الدرب وأكثر هذا العام وهى فعلا نوع من المتعة لمن يحالفه الحظ ويحضر هذا المنتدى الرائع والذى حتى لو إختلفنا مع جو الجلسات أو نتتقدها، فلا يمكن أن نختلف على الإستمتاع وتوفير كافة سبل الراحة للسادة الحضور من كافة أنحاء العالم وهذا هو عهدنا بقطر فى هذا الإطار وعليه فإننا نشكر دولة قطر حكومة وشعبا متمثلة فى حضرة صاحب السمو الشيخ/ حمد بن خليفة آل ثانى – أمير دولة قطر، ومعالى الشيخ/ حمد بن جاسم آل جبر آل ثانى – رئيس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية والشيخ/ أحمد بن محمد بن جبر آل ثانى – مدير المنتدى وأخيرا وليس آخراً سيادة السفير/ عبد الله فخرو – رئيس اللجنة المنظمة.

For the second time, talking about the generosity and usual good organization I saw over the past three times I visited the State of Qatar to participate in events, one of which was Doha 11th Forum in the last year, and such top qualities still existed and more this year, which is considered a part of entertainment and fun for lucky persons who are invited to attend such distinguished forum, to which we may disagree with the ambiance of sessions thereto or criticize it, however we agree on entertainment and offering all facilities of relaxation for all the invited attendees from all over the world, and this exactly what we used to feel in Qatar, accordingly we address our gratitude and thanks to the State of Qatar (Government & People) represented in his Highness Sheikh/ Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani – the Prince of the State of Qatar, his Excellency/ Hamad Bin Jassem Al-Jabr Al-Thani – the Prime-Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, his Excellency/ Ahmad Bin Mohamed Bin Jabr Al-Thani – the Forum’s Director and Last but not least his Excellency/ Ambassador Abdullah Fakhro – the Head of the Organization Committee .



  • ·         رؤى حول المشهد السياسى والإقتصادى العالمى:

ما لفت نظرى مثلا فى جلسة رؤى حول المشهد السياسى والإقتصادى العالمى – شهادة السيد/ مراد مدسلى “وزير الشؤون الخارجية بالجزائر” وحواره عن مواقف أمريكا وأوروبا وإسرائيل من الثورات العربية وكيف إنها كانت على غير هواها بما لن تحقق مصالحها ومطامعها فى المستقبل وبذلك يحاولون الضغط على هذه الدول ليستعيدوا ما فاتهم من كسب ونتفق أنا وهو سويا فى أن أوروبا فى مأزق كبير خصوصا مع تهديدات كبيرة على منطقة اليورو وعن عدم مصداقيتها عندما تدعى أن ترغب فى مساعدة الدول العربية ما بعد المسار الديموقراطى وهى نفسها تمر بسقوط مالى مروع سيعصف إن عاجلا أم آجلا بدول منطقة اليورو وسقوط ست دول فى مرحلة الخطر بدأت بسقوط آيسلندا مروراً باليونان وإيطاليا وأسبانيا والبرتغال وأيرلندا – ناهينا عن دول وسط وشرق أوروبا التى دخلت – والضغوط الشديد التى يعانى منها مواطن دول غرب أوروبا مثلا فى فرنسا وألمانيا من تحمل ضرائب لا طاقة له بها لسداد ديون هذه لدول وفرض حالات التقشف القصرى على المواطنين – السؤال الأهم هل لو فعلا وصلت هذه الدول العربية للحريات والديموقراطية وغيرها سيحصل منها الغرب على نفس المنافع التى كان يحصل سابقا أم ستختلف عن السابق لأن مصالح الدول هذه ستكون ندا لمصالح الغرب؟


  • Insights on the political scene and the global economy:

There was something in this session, the speech of his Excellency Mr. Mourad Morselli “the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs” and his dialogue about the situations of USA, Europe and Israel from the Arab revolutions, and how it was not complying with their desire and will not achieve their future interests and greed, therefore they are trying to do pressures on such uprisings states to restore their loss of gains. Also, I do agree with him that Europe now in a big trouble after the big threatens that pressing the Euro-Zone, as well as that Europe is not sufficiently credible in assuming that it may support the Arab spring states after achieving democracy, when it is suffering from a big financial recession that will blow sooner or later this Euro-Zone and the fall of six Euro states, started from Iceland, then passed by Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, in addition to Middle and Eastern European states that entered the European Union recently and had already financial crisis, plus sever pressures suffered by Western European citizen e.g. France and Germany concerning bearing very heavy tax burdens in order to pay off the debts of the above suffering states, as well as imposing obligatory austerity status on citizens. Whereupon, if the Arab states really achieved liberties and democracy, does the west will obtain from it the same benefits it had already obtained before, or shall be differed from that obtained in the past, because the interests of such states will be encountered towards the western ones?               

  • ·         التنمية:

الكلام عن اهداف الألفية وهذه القصص الساذجة غير منطقى وغير واقعى فى ضوء الإصرار على أفكار اليمين المتطرف والرأسمالية المنفلتة التى أدت لسقوط الإقتصاد العالمى ولا نثق فيه لأنه زادت معدلات الفقر والمرض والبطالة فى حين أننا مقبلون على كارثة حقيقة فى العالم العربى مع الإحتياج على الأقل لعدد 100 مليون وظيفة للشباب العربى بحلول 2015 وهذا بحكم كل الإحصائيات الخاصة بالتنمية البشرية عن المنطقة وحتى الإحصاءات العربية لمنظمة العمل العربية – ما أزعجنى فعلا هى شهادة وزير الخارجية التونسى السيد/ رفيق عبد السلام لأنه كان يتحدث مثل “خيرت الشاطر” بمصر عن الإقتصاد بعيد كل البعد عن معايير التنمية الفعلية التى تحقق مساواة وتكافؤ فى الفرص وعدالة فى التوزيع – لأنه وبكل بساطة إذا سارت النظم الإقتصادية فى الدول الثورية على الإقتصاد الرأسمالى الصرف لن يتحقق أى مبدأ من المبادىء التى قامت عليها الثورات من خبز وحرية وعدالة اجتماعية لأن الثورة هى تغيير فى كل الأنظمة السابقة والتى تمكن الفئات المهمشة والضعيفة من الحصول على حقوقها الأساسية وعليه فإن فكر الإخوان المسلمين الإقتصادى يجب أن يتغير ويضع نصب أعينه المواطن البسيط الذى قامت من أجله الثورات.


  • Development:

Talking about the goals of the Millennium and such silly stories is illogical and unrealistic in light of the insistence on the ideas of the extreme right and unrestrained capitalism, which led to the recession of the global economy and we do not trust it anymore, because it increased the rates of poverty, disease and unemployment, while we are on the verge of disaster, the fact that in the Arab world with the requirement at least for 100 million jobs for Arab youth by 2015 and that by virtue of all the statistics on human development for the region and even Arab Statistics for the Arab Labor Organization – What really bothered me the speech of the Tunisian Foreign Minister Mr. / Rafiq Abdul Salam because he was talking like “Khayrat El-Shater in Egypt” about the economy in Tunisia and how much it is far from the actual development standards that achieve equality and equity of opportunity and fairness in the distribution – Because, quite simply, if all goes economic systems in revolutionary countries covenant on absolute capitalist economy – any principle will not be achieved of principles upon which the revolutions were made represented in bread, freedom and social justice – based on that the revolution is considered as a change in all previous systems, which empower the marginalized and vulnerable groups to have access to their fundamental rights – and therefore the economic thought of the Muslim Brotherhood should be changed and they should take care of the simple citizen to whom the revolutions initiated for.


  • ·         الإستراتيجية – مستقبل السلام فى الشرق الأوسط:

توجد نفس المشكلة التى أثرتها أعلاه مع السيد/ مراد مدسلى – وزير خارجية الجزائر – أن مصالح الدول الثورية ستختلف ما بعد الثورات مع كل من أمريكا وإسرائيل على حسب مصالح المواطنين فى الداخل وكذلك لن تحل القضية الفلسطينية دون اتفاق العرب انفسهم على الحل والتكتل أمام إسرائيل وأعنى هنا بالعرب الشعوب العربية لا الأنظمة – الأخيرة التى تخاف على عروشها وكراسيها لعلاقتها مع هاتين الدولتين وانقسم حاليا العالم العربى لطرفين طرف ثورى يعيد تقييم علاقته بالعالم بما فيه امريكا واسرائيل وطرف آخر يؤكد على علاقته بأمريكا واسرائيل لإستقرار المنطقة ولكنى لا أعلم أى استقرار يقولون على حساب كرامة الشعوب ونضالهم فى الحصول على حقوقهم الأساسية وهل فعلا بعد السقوط المالى المروع وكون أمريكا مستدانة بحوالى 14 تريلليون دولار هى القوى الول فى العالم أم أن القوى الجديدة سحبت منها البساط وهى حاليا التى تقوى بشكل كبير وناعم يدركه المنخرطين فى المجال الإقتصادى والسياسى فى العالم.


  • Strategy – the Future of Peace in the Middle East:

There is the same problem that I raised above with his Excellency Mr. / Murad Medsly – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria – that the interests of the revolutionary states will vary after the revolutions with both America and Israel, according to the interests of citizens at home and also will not solve the Palestinian issue without an agreement among the Arabs themselves towards the solution and to be collided against Israel, and I mean here the Arab peoples not political regimes – the latter, which fears for its throne to its relationship with those two countries, the matter that splits now the Arab world to two parties by the revolutionary states, one re-evaluate its relationship to the world, including America, Israel and the other party confirms its relationship with America and Israel to the stability of the region, but I do not know what stability they mean at the expense of the dignity of peoples and their struggle to get their fundamental rights – Is it already after the terrible financial recession, as well as the fact that the domestic debt of the United States is estimated about 14 trillion dollars – does US still the first in the world anymore – or that new powers pulled the rug out from America and are currently strengthened significantly and smoothly, which is understood by those who involved in the economic and political field in the world.


  • ·         دور الأزمة المالية العالمية فى إعادة هيكلة السياسية الإقتصادية والتداعيات على الدول العربية:

المشكلة تكرار نفس الكلام عن السوق الحر المنفلت الذى يضبط نفسه بنفسه وكأننا لم نمر بسقوط مالى مروع من 2007 عصف باقتصاديات العالم وخصوصاً أوروبا وأمريكا نتيجة تخطيط الإقتصاد السياسى وبرامج صندوق النقد الدولى والبنك الدولى الفاشلة، وكذلك غياب أخلاقيات الشركات متعددة الجنسيات والتى همها الأكبر السيطرة على اكبر حصة سوقية عالمية واكبر أرباح دون إتباع أخلاقيات معروفة وواضحة واحتكارها للمواد الخام والتحكم فى الأسعار عالميا واستخدامها عمالة بسعر رخيص – وكذلك محاولة السيطرة على ثروات الغير فنقوم بحرب على العراق للإستيلاء على البترول لإحتواءها على أكبر مخزون عالمى حاليا من البترول – على زعم أنها تحتوى على أسلحة دمار شامل كذبا أو بدعوى الحرب على الإرهاب – لكى تكون التهم جاهزة وتدمر بلد ويقتل مليون ونصف عراقى ولا يحاسب أحد من هؤلاء القتلة أمثال بوش الإبن بل ونساعده كدول عربية فى ذلك لا أعلم على أى أساس عدا بقاء نفس الأنظمة فى مواقعها.


بالرغم أن أمريكا عندما إدعت فى أحداث 11/9 أن الإرهابيين قتلوا حوالى 2000 شخص أمريكى بمبنى التجارة وألصقت هذه التهمة كذباً بالإسلام فى شكل سيناريو سينمائى كاذب أقامت الدنيا ولم تقعدها هل قتلاهم لهم ثمن أم قتلانا ليس لهم ثمن، والمشكل الأكبر هل وفى ضوء الأزمة التى فضحت فساد أوروبا وأمريكا نتيجة هذه الحروب الغير مبررة التى خسروها للأسف ولم يستطيعوا تحقيق ما تمنوه فى المنطقة، ولا الإستيلاء على بترول العراق هل تم حساب أحد من مسئولى أمريكا، وماذا عن البنوك التى أفلست ولم يحاسب مسئوليها الذين استولوا على مليارات الدولارات من الشعب الأمريكى المكبل بالديون والأقساط شهريا وسنويا،  وعليه فخرجت حركة اليسار فى أمريكا حاليا المسماة “احتلوا وول استريت” لتأثرها بمبادىء الثورة المصرية وميدان التحرير والتى تنادى بالعدالة الإجتماعية المفقودة فى أمريكا.


ومع تصدير النموذج الغربى وليس النموذج كاملا ولكن الجانب الإستهلاكى منه فقط تضاءل حلم وجود منطقة عربية إقتصادية قوية تحاول التعرف على مواردها الإقتصادية وبناء اقتصاد حقيقى يقوم على نهضة علمية وصناعية وزراعية ثم أخذ المنطقة لتجارة الخدمات مثل البورصة والمضاربات والعقار والإعتماد فقط على العوائد الريعية من البترول والغاز وتحويل المواطنين إلى ماكينات استهلاكية مع وجود إعلام مضلل مثله كمثل غيره فى العالم فأصبح لدينا مواطنين فى اغلب الدول العربية مطبعين بهذه الثقافة الإستهلاكية الآتية من أمريكا والتى أدت لإفلاس دبى مرتين مثلا وإضطرارها للحصول على دعم من ابو ظبى مرتين وكذلك تاثر دول مجلس التعاون بالآزمة الإقتصادية الأمريكية وأزمة سيولة طاحنة عصفت بكثير من الوظائف والشركات لتعسر السداد وبدلا من ان يتعلم العرب من ذلك استمروا فيه وفشلت مثلا فى مجلس التعاون بناء مجلس اقتصادى وتوحيد العملة الخليجية للخلاف على رئاسة هذا المجلس مع فشل قمتين عربيتين “الكويت وشرم الشيخ” فى حتى إنشاء صندوق محترم لدعم الشباب العربى به الأموال اللازمة لتمكينهم إقتصاديا وفشل الجامعة العربية فى التعبير عن الشعوب العربية والشباب العربى.


كذلك عدم تنويع سلة النقد والعملات مع قصر غالبية التعامل مع الولايات المتحدة ودول غرب اوروبا وعد الدخول فى شراكات أكبر مع القوى الإقتصادية الجديدة فى العالم والتى يمكن أن تساعدها فى بناء نهضة مع عدم التطور السياسى والإجتماعى فى الخليج وغالبية الدول العربية لوجود حرب مفتعلة ضحيتها المواطن يتم تصويرها خطئا ما بين الدين والحريات والدين الديموقراطية والتى ليس بالأساس ثمة تناقض بينهما ومحاولة إدخال الطائفية حتى يمكنها إجهاض أى تغيير وإبعاد فكرة المواطنة وأنى مواطن من حقى كل الحقوق وعلى كل الواجبات – إلا أننى أعتقد أن التغيير قادم قادم، لا محالة لتأثر المواطن العربى فى كل مكان بما حوله من تغييرات كبيرة وخصوصاً الثورات التى فاجئت والهمت العالم.


كذلك فشل ساركوزى فى الإنتخابات أمام اليسار المتمثل فى “أولاند” وهذا مؤشر خطير فى أوروبا والتى ليس لديهم أموال كافية حالياً لسداد المديونيات التى تسببت فيها أمريكا والإقتصاد اليمينى المتطرف الذى اتبعوه – لأن هذا ينذر بصعود اليسار والقوى الإشتراكية فى أوروبا الغربية وبسرعة بعدما إكتوى الأوروبيون بنيران الرأسمالية المنفلتة وأصبح يسدد ضرائب لا طائل له بها إنقاذا لسياسيين فقط لصورة أوروبا أمام العالم مع تفشى البطالة والهجرة والإنتحار بموجب التقارير التى نراها عن الأوضاع الإجتماعية فى أوروبا يومياً.


وهذه كانت محور الأسئلة التى سألتها للسيد/ ماتياس لوندبرج كبير الإقتصاديين بالبنك الدولى لدى المملكة المتحدة.


  • The role of the global financial crisis in reshaping political and economic repercussions on Arab & GCC countries:

The problem is to repeat the same talk about the runaway free market, which adjusts itself as if we were not going through the fall of the financial horrific of 2007 devastated the economies of the world, especially Europe and America as a result of the failed political economy and programs planning of the IMF and the World Bank, as well as the absence of the ethics of multinational companies, which concerned with greater control over the largest global market share and bigger profits without following well-known and clear ethics, and its monopoly of raw materials and control in prices globally and use cheap labor. As well as the trial to control over the wealth of the others, accordingly fabricating a war against Iraq to take over its petrol as it includes the biggest reserve of it worldwide, alleging falsely that Iraq has mass destruction weapons, or alleging that this is a war against terrorism, in order to have ready accusations to destruct a country and kill about one million and half of innocents and nobody judged of such killers like George W Bush, and unfortunately the Arab regimes supported him in such historical scandal, based on what, unless remaining such regimes as they are in oppressive governance.


Despite that USA alleged in 9/11 that terrorists killed about 2000 US citizens at World Trade Center, and then pasted such accusation falsely to Islam in tricky scenario, accordingly USA made all such massacres, therefore I am wondering, Are their killed people worthy when ours are not? The greater problem, in the light of the economic recession that has disclosed the corruption of both Europe and US as a result of their unjustified wars they lost, as well as they neither achieve what they really intended in our area, nor usurp the petrol of Iraq, Did they really judge any of their politicians for such scandalous matter? What about the bankrupted banks and nobody of its top administration being sued, who usurped billions of US$ from the US people, the latter who are tied by debts and monthly and annual installments, accordingly there was a necessity for the emergence of US left represented in “Occupy Wall Street” as such movement was impressed by the principles of the Egyptian revolution and Tahrir Square that claiming for the lost social justice in USA.


While export western model and not the form in full, but its consumption side, it only has dwindled dream of having the Strong Arab Economic Zone trying to identify its economic resources and build a real economy based on scientific, industrial and agricultural renaissance, and then take the region to trade in services such as stock market and speculation, real estate and rely only on the returns of oil and gas – and convert people to consumption machines accompanied with misleading information, like others in the world – bringing our citizens in most of Arab countries to be normalized with such consumption culture coming from America, which led to the bankruptcy of Dubai twice, for example, and made it obliged to get support from Abu Dhabi twice – as well as negative impact on GCC by the American economic crisis and a fierce crisis of liquidity engulfed much of the jobs and companies to obstructed payment – and instead of learning from that, they continued in such path. Whereas, for example GCC failed to build the proposed economic council and gulf monetary union according to disputes on the presidency of the Council – with the failure of the 2 Arab economic summits “Kuwait and Sharm el-Sheikh, “even in the establishment of a respected fund to support Arab youth to empower them economically, as well as the Arab League failed in the expression of the Arab people and Arab youth.


As well as non-diversified basket of cash and currency with restricting most of transactions with the United States and the countries of Western Europe and not to engage in more partnerships with the new economic powers in the world, which can help them in building a renaissance – with no political and social development in the Gulf and the majority of Arab countries as a result of fabricated that sacrifices the citizen – to be photographed by mistake that is between religion and liberties – or religion and democracy, which is not primarily indicating that there is a contradiction between them – and try to enter sectarian clashes in this regard, so that they can abort any change and the removal of the idea of citizenship and that I am citizen, therefore I enjoy all the rights and bearing all duties – but I think that change is coming is coming, inevitably influenced by Arab citizen everywhere, including big changes around him, especially revolutions that surprised and inspired the world.


As well as the failure of Sarkozy in the election to the left of “Hollande” This is considered a serious indicator in Europe, which do not have enough money now to pay off debts caused by the United States and the right-wing extremist economy, which was followed by the EU States – because this portends the rise of the left and the forces of socialism in Western Europe so quickly – after it burned Europeans by unrestrained fire of capitalism – and made the European citizen pay unfair taxes to save only the politicians and save the image of Europe to the world – with the spread of unemployment, immigration and suicide provided with the reports that we see every-day about the social situation in Europe.


This was the focus of questions that I addressed to Mr. / Matthias Lundeberg World Bank Chief Economist to the United Kingdom.


  • ·         التغيرات السياسية والحقوق المدنية فى الشرق الأوسط:

لا أعلم ماذا أقول عن هذه الجلسة التى اتلفتها مديرتها ويندى تشمبرلن رئيس معهد الشرق الأوسط فى واشنطن والتى أدارت الجلسة بطريقة متخلفة مفتعلة انها إختارت أناس للتعليق على هواها إعتقدت خطأ لعدم مهنيتها ومصداقيتها أنها شخصيات مهمة لجلوسهم فى الصفوف الأمامية وأضاعت فرص للتعليق على نقاط مهمة ممن هم فى الصفوف الخلفية على مرأى ومسمع من الحضور وهذا يدل على سوء إختيار بعض الشخصيات لمناصب مثل هذه أو لإدارة جلسات بهذه الأهمية.


اشكر السيد/ خالد جناحى من البحرين والذى غير رأيه فى الثورات العربية وقال كلاما يختلف عما قاله العام السابق فى نفس المنتدى 2011 – فهل فعلا غيرت الثورات العربية من البحرين، لليمن، لمصر، لتونس فى نفوس بعض من كانوا ضدها فى البداية أم تغير المصالح وفقا للمصالح المقابلة وعدم إفلاح المال السياسى فى إثناء الثورات عن المضى فى طريقها.


“هناك بعض الجلسات التى لم أحضرها لتشابه وتداخل وضعف الموضوعات أو المحاضرين أو لكل ذلك وسأعلق عليها فى الملاحظات”



  • Political Changes & Civil Rights in the Middle East:

I do not know what to say about this meeting, damaged by its Moderator – Wendy Chamberlin – Head of the Middle East Institute in Washington, where she steered the meeting in a fabricated backward for the chosen people to comment as it sees fit – but she thought wrongly according to missing of professionalism and credibility – that these characters important to sit in the front rows – and missed opportunities to comment on the important points for those who are in the back rows – in full view of the audience – and this indicates the poor selection of some of the characters for such important positions, or to steer these important sessions.


I would like to thank Mr. / Khalid Janahi from Bahrain, who changed his mind in the Arab revolts and when his speech is different comparing to what he stated last year in the same forum 2011 – Is it really the Arab revolts from Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia that changed the hearts of some who were against it in the beginning – or a change in the interests according to the encountered interests, with the failure of political money to dissuade revolutions from moving further on its way.


“There were some sessions that were not attended to the similarity, overlap and the weakness of the topics or lecturers, or all of this and I will comment upon in the notes hereunder”.


  • ·         الإعلام:

من أهم النقاط التى أثارها السيد حسن الراشدى – مدير مركز الجزيرة للإعلام والتى علقت عليها هى التدريب بشكل مهنى للعاملين فى هذا المجال وكذلك المدونين والصحفيين المواطنين – لأنه سمعنا عن غلق مكاتب محطات إعلامية فى دول معينة مثل مصر ولدينا حالتين “الجزيرة مباشر مصر” ومداهمة مقر قناتى “الحرة والعالم” وهذا يرجع لنقص التدريب وكذلك الإعتماد على مراسلين ومقدمين جدد أو محدودى الخبرة لا يقدموا الرسالة الإعلامية بشكل محايد وموضوعى ومهنى فيقوموا مثلا مع الحماس الزائد بالتعبير عن وجهة نظرهم الشخصية فى حادث معين ثم يعتقد بكل تأكيد من يراهم أن هذه وجهة نظر المحطة وبالتالى ليتعرضوا سواء للملاحقة القانونية أو الغلق أو لمشاكل تنظيمية تتعلق بتجديد تصاريح وكذلك الحال بالنسبة للمدونين لأن هناك حد فاصل بين السب والقذف والإنتقاد للإنتقاد والإنتقاد البناء وعليه فالتدريب مهم جداً.


إلا ان ما أثارنى كثيراً أن دور الإعلام قد لا يكون موضوعى فى معالجة بعض القضايا والموضوعات بالغة الأهمية إرضاءا لنظام معين أو مصالح معينة وهذا واجهته معظم القنوات العربية الكبيرة وبإمتياز وخصوصاً فى الشأن الخليجى ومن ضمنه بكل تأكيد الشأن البحرينى عموما هذا العام وكذلك الشأن السورى فهل نحن نريد إعلام محايد موضوعى مهنى أم يكون محايد وموضوعى ومهنى فى مواقف وغير ذلك فى مواقف أخرى.


  • Media:

Of the most important points raised by Mr. Hassan Rachidi – Director of Al Jazeera Centre for Media, who commented on is the training professionally for workers in this field, as well as bloggers and citizen journalists – because we heard about the closure of media offices and stations in certain countries such as Egypt and we have two cases, “Al Jazeera Live – Egypt” and raiding the headquarters of “Al-Horra & Alalam News” and this is due to lack of training, as well as rely on new reporters and anchors or limited experience persons, who do not provide the media message in a neutral, objective and professional manner. Therefore, they make, for example, with enthusiasm excess to express their personal point of view in a given accident, and then thought surely who sees that this is the view of the station and thus exposed to either prosecution or closure or regulatory problems related to the renewal of permits, as well as the case for bloggers because there is a dividing line between libel, slander and criticism, criticism for criticism and constructive criticism, therefore training is very important matter.


However, what really stimulated me that the role of media may not be objective in treating with some matters and some important issues, to satisfy some certain regime, or to obtain some interests, such subject was envisaged by most of the big Arab media channels especially when treating the gulf issues, that certainly including the Bahraini issue in general this year, as well as treating with the Syrian file, therefore do we really need neutral, objective and professional media, or to follow such path in specific situations, otherwise in other situations.    


  • ·         الجلسة الختامية:

فوجئت بالسيد/ شون كليرى مدير مؤسسة المستقبل ومستشار منتدى ديفوس يقتبس الكثير من جلسة عقدت فى معهد بروكنجز فى اليوم الثانى من المؤتمر والتى دعيت لحضورها وكان المتحدثون فيها كل من السيد/ وضاح خنفر المدير السابق لشبكة الجزيرة والسيد/ هون ديفيد ميليباند والتى كان يديرها سلمان شيخ والتى كانت تتناول موضوع “ثورة المعلومات والديموقراطية والشرعية فى القرن الـ 21” ليدخلها ضمن توصيات المؤتمر فيما يتعلق بحقوق المواطنة وكيف ان التغاضى عنها فى البحرين اخل بالتوازن الإجتماعى وان النموذج الأوروبى أو الغربى لم يعد هو النموذج المثالى للتصدير ولا بد من التعرف على نماذج اخرى وعلى سلبيات إستغلال الإعلام الجديد والذى يستخدم فى اشعال الطائفية ما بين أطراف الوطن الواحد والدين الواحد ودور الإعلام الذى يجب ان يلتزم بأخلاقيات ومهنية لا تضلل المشاهدين وكل هذه الأشياء مما تم مناقشتها فى جلسة معهد بروكنجز والتى للأسف كانت أقوى من معظم جلسات المنتدى هذا العام.


  • Closure session:

I was surprised that Mr. Sean Cleary, the Director of the Future Foundation and an Advisor to Davos Forum, cited a lot of things discussed at a session held at Brookings Center Doha at the 2nd day of Doha 12th Forum; to which I was invited to attend where the speakers were Mr. Waddah Khanfar Director of Sharq Forum and the Ex-Director of Aljazeera Network and the RT Hon David Miliband, MP Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary, UK and moderated by Mr. Salman Shaikh the Director of Brookings Doha, that was dealing with the Information Revolution: Democracy & Legitimacy in the 21st Century; to insert it within the recommendations of Doha 12th Forum. Concerning citizenship rights, how much disregard such rights in Bahrain made social imbalance in society, as well as the Western model is not anymore the ideal model to be exported to the whole world, as we should acquaint other credible models in this regard. Also the negative impact of using the new media represented in the social networks that could be used maliciously to stimulate sectarianism between the parties whether of the same patrie, or the same religion. When media should be committed with ethics and professionalism that avoid followers and viewers misleading and all such things that had been discussed openly at Brookings Center were unfortunately stronger than the forum’s panel discussions itself this year.            



–       هناك ضعف فى المنتدى عن العام الماضى ليس لعيب أو تقصير فى التنظيم ولكن يمكن فى تكرار الشخصيات وعدم التنوع فى اختيارها التى رأيتها العام الماضى بنفس الأجندة فأصبحت الحلقات النقاشية حلقات مناقشة هواة.


–       المتوسط العمرى للحضور لا زال كبير نسبيا مع تضائل بشكل كبير فى أعداد الشباب فى غالبية المحاور.


–       الإعتماد الكبير على الأمريكان فى التنظيم وبالتالى فالحضور كان من وجهة نظر امريكية غربية مع غياب تام للقوى الجديدة بوفود محترمة تليق بوجودها فى العالم مثلا فلم نصادف وفود كبيرة من الصين أو إيران أو روسيا أو البرازيل أو الأرجنتين أو المكسيك أو جنوب إفريقيا أو كوريا الجنوبية أو تايوان أو سنغافورة أو ماليزيا واين التواجد لأفريقيا أكبر سوق عالمى من هذا المنتدى وذلك للتعرف على التجارب الناجحة سواء فى الإقتصاد أو فى الجوانب السياسية المتمثلة فى الديموقراطية والحريات وكيف تمت عمليات المصالحة ما بين الجماعات العرقية فى بعض الدول الإفريقية والأسيوية وسارت بشكل كبير فى مسار الديموقراطية وما هى الفرص الإقتصادية الكبيرة التى يمكن الإستفادة منها فى هذا المنتدى.


–       أثيرت فى محور الأقليات عدد من القضايا الخاصة بتمكين فئات تطالب بحريات شخصية متطرفة جدا – أنا لست ضد هذه الطلبات ولكن كيف يمكن أن نمكن الأفراد من حقوق شخصية متطرفة كالحريات الجنسية مثلا وعلى الجانب الآخر نفس الأفراد غير ممكنين اقتصاديا فى ظل احتكارات اقتصادية وعدم وجود قوانين عمالة واضحة وشفافة وتضاؤل عدد الوظائف ووجود نظام كفالة وعدم تمكين الشباب العربى من العمل فى الدول العربية وتفضيل جنسيات اخرى مختلفى الثقافة لعدم مطالبتهم بنفس الحقوق التى يطالب بها الشباب العربى – هذا الشباب له حق يتوجب أن يتمكن منه ويحصل عليه وهذا كان أحد أهم أسباب القيام بثورات فى الدول التى قامت فيها وعلى الجانب الآخر هل سيظل الشباب فى غالبية دول مجلس التعاون محروماً من إنشاء الجمعيات والأحزاب والنقابات التى تدربهم على الحياة السياسية ثم بعد ذلك الدخول للمشاركة فى الحكم والحياة السياسية من خلال مجالس نيابية أو برلمانات حقيقية وكان ذلك من النقاط المهمة التى كان يجب أن تضح فى المؤتمر أو يتم مناقشتها على الأقل لأن هذا أصبح أمر حتمى.     


–       وجود بعض الشخصيات من مصر يتم دعوتها وهم من فلول النظام السابق والذين شاركوا فى إفساد الحياة السياسية والإقتصادية فى مصر ولم يقدموا أو يأخروا شىء فى المنتدى.


–       كنت أتمنى عقد جلسات خاصة بدور الشعوب والشباب فى المنطقة والعالم وهل المنظمات الإقليمية والدولية عبر العالم تعبر بالفعل عن رغبات هذه الشعوب والشباب وهل يتوجب إصلاح هذه المنظمات سواء جامعة عربية، أو أمم متحدة، أو بنك دولى، أم صندوق نقد دولى وهل فعلا هذه المنظمات جزء من حل الأزمة ام شاركت فى تفاقم الأزمة والفساد فى الدول التى حدثت بها ثورات. 


–       أخيراً وليس آخراً، عندما ننتقد أو نقيم فإننا نقوم بذلك حرصاً على نجاح هذا الحدث وليس إنتقاصا منه لأننا لو لم نعترف بالأخطاء سنخسر على المدى الطويل – وفى النهاية أكرر شكرى لكل من ساهم فى التنظيم الجيد لهذا المنتدى وخصوصا شباب المنتدى المتطوعين لدى الخارجية القطرية والذين كانوا يوفروا لنا كحضور كل سبل الراحة وهم المكسب الحقيقى الذى خرجت به من هذا المؤتمر بالنسبة لى بالإضافة للتعرف والتشبيك مع بعض الوفود للتنسيق والعمل المشترك.


–       الشعوب هى من تحمى الأوطان والحكام وليس العكس.


  • Notes:-


–         The forum is weaker this year than the last year’s one, but it is not the mistake or the negligence of the organization, but perhaps inviting the same old faces, when the choice was not diversified, as I noticed the last year, with the same western stereotyped agenda, therefore the panel discussions became like aimless amateurs dialogues.


–         The age average still probably too old, and then youth attendance percentage in most of sessions was very few.


–         More relying on Americans in the matter of organization, therefore the attendance was only complying with their point of view and disregarded inviting the new economic powers worldwide that should be existed with proper delegations that fit its position in the world currently, accordingly we did not meet proper delegations from China, Iran, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia. With the absence of the biggest market in the world represented in Africa in this forum, in order to recognize the successful experiments whether in economic or in political sides represented in democracy and liberties, and also how the process of reconciliation between the ethnic groups was made in some Afro-Asian states and then took the right democratic path, as well as what are the big economic opportunities to which we can benefit from attending this forum.


–         A lot of issues were highlighted in the minorities panel discussion and workshops, when some requested empowering categories in society claiming for extreme personal liberties – I am not personally against such claims and requests, however how could we accept extreme personal rights like sexual liberties, when on the other side the same persons are not empowered economically caused by economic monopolies. As well as the inexistence of clear and transparent labor laws, diminishing of the available job opportunities, the existence of sponsorship/Kafala system, not empowering the Arab youth to work in the Arab states and preferring other nationalities with different culture to work alternatively, as they do not have the same rights and expectations claimed by Arab youth. Whereas such Arab youth has the right and should be empowered to obtain it, to which it was one of the most important reasons of the revolutions. On other hand, Will the Arab youth in GCC being deprived anymore from incorporating strong civil society (NGOs, Parties and Syndicates) that can train and qualify them well on a real political live, and then they can make active participation in governance and political life through real parliaments or representation councils. That was one of the most important topics that should be clarified in such forum as it is a necessary matter in this regard.


–         The existence of some Egyptian figures invited, as they were members of the corrupted ex-regime and participated in deteriorating both political and economic life and never added anything tangible to the forum!!!!!!!


–         I wished if there were sessions concerning the role of both peoples and youth in the area and the world, and how much regional and international organizations worldwide expressing the hopes and desires of both peoples and youth. Also, does reform should extend to such organizations e.g. Arab League, United Nations, World Bank or IMF? And do really such organizations is a part of the solution, or it was a part of increasing disasters and corruption in the revolt states?


–         Last but not least, when we criticize or make assessment, we do it as we are keening the success of this important Arab event and not to destruct it, because if we are not admitting that there were mistakes, we shall lose on the long round. At the end I do address my thanks and dedications for everyone participated in the good organization of this event, especially the youth/volunteers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who offer us all means of relaxation and comfort, as well as being my real gain in this event, in addition to my networking with some delegations for coordination and joint work.


–         Peoples protect both nations and rulers, and not vice versa.       


Please be guided accordingly…..





Ahmed Moustafa

Member of Council for the Development of

Social Science Research in Africa (

Member of Alexandria International Arbitration Center & Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods


Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/

Legal Translator at (

Human Rights Activist/Blogger/Youth Trainer

International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt

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Ahmed Moustafa: America, Israel and the sheep – أحمد مصطفى: أمريكا واسرائيل والخراف

January 13, 2012
Ahmed Moustafa at Doha 11th Forum May 2011

Ahmed Moustafa at Doha 11th Forum May 2011

تدعوا أمريكا وتؤسس لقوانين حماية البيئة دوليا وتؤسس لها إدارة بالأمم المتحدة ثم لا توقع على معاهدة كيوتو باليابان لتحججها ان الهند والصين لم توقع عليها لأنشطتها التنموية.


the United States was calling to lay the foundations for international environmental protection laws and establish a Department of the United Nations, then do not sign the Kyoto treaty, Japan, to hide beneath that India and China did not sign them to developmental activities.

تدعو لحظر استخدام السلاح النووى والأنشطة النووية ونوقع عليها كمجموعة عربية مثل الخراف وهى واسرائيل و بريطانيا وفرنسا والصين وروسيا أول الخارقين لهذه الإتفاقية بزعم الردع وتطالب ايران بالتخلى عن برنامجها النووى الذى سيستخدم فى اغراض سلمية وسيعوض مستقبلا نضوب البترول والغاز – بدعوى انهم خطرا على المنطقة العربية.


Calls to ban the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear activities and sign it as Arabs, such as a sheep, however Israel, Britain, France, China and Russia, the first superheroes of this Agreement alleged deterrence and demand that Iran abandon its nuclear program, which will be used for peaceful purposes will be offset in the future depletion of oil and gas – claiming they are a danger to the Arab region.

تدعو امريكا لنظام روما الخاص بالمحكمة الجنائية الدولية ولا توقع عليه وتجبرنا على تنفيذه والتوقيع عليه ايضا ومعاقبتنا به وبالرغم من قيامها بمجازر فى العالم وخصوصا فى منطقتنا العربية خصوصا فى حرب العراق 2003 وقتل مليون ونصف عراقى ودعم القتل الجائر وتصويره على اساس انه طائفية وإلى الآن هناك


America is calling for the Rome International Criminal Court and does not expect it, and force us to implement it and sign it too – and punished us –  in spite of its massacres in the world and especially in our Arab region in the 2003 Iraq war and killing and a half million Iraqis – and support the unjust murder and filmed on the grounds of sectarian conflict and Now there.


وكذلك ما تفعله فى أفغانستان واخرها التمثيل بجثث المسلمين هناك بزعم جهل الجنود الصغار بذلك “بالرغم من علمنا من تعرض كل الجنود المشاركين فى حروب امريكا ضد الإرهاب “العالم الإسلامى والعربى” وصغار الضباط لغسيل مخ تم فضحه أكثر من مرة – من قبل اليمنيين المتطرفين تلامذة شتراوس – على أساس ان المسلمين مصدر الشر بالعالم” وكذلك قيام هؤلاء الجنود والضباط بأنشطة تبشيرية مشبوهة بحيث يتم نفى التهم عن كبار المسئولين فى أمريكا عن ذلك كوزير الدفاع ورئيس الأركان والخارجية.


As well as what it does in Afghanistan – and, most recently profanation the bodies of Muslims there claiming ignorance of the young soldiers of Islam that, “Although we know the exposure of all the soldiers involved in the U.S. wars against terrorism and the junior officers of the brainwashing has been disclosing more than once – by the right-wing extremist students of Strauss – on the grounds that Muslims, the source of evil in the world “- as well as the soldiers and officers suspected missionary activities there -so are denied the charges against senior officials in the United States for the defense minister and chief of staff and US Secretary foreign affairs.

وكذلك إنشاء أسوأ أماكن إعتقال فى التاريخ وعلى رأسها جوانتانامو “فى ذكرى انشاؤه العاشرة” والذى يمارس فيه شتى انواع التعذيب الذى يمكن تخيله او عدم تخيله – ولم يغلق بعد تصريح أوباما عندما تولى الحكم بغلقه – وكذلك بجرام بباكستان وابو غريب بالعراق والفضائح التى شابتها على مدار التسع سنوات السابقة والتى تورطت فيها جميع الأنظمة العربية للأسف بتسليم مواطنين عرب للإدارة الأمريكية للتحقيق معهم بشكل غير انسانى وغير مبرر – مع عدم تعويض من ثبتت براءتهم الى الآن فى اكبر حادث تواطؤ عربى مع امريكا من قبل انظمة المفترض انها تراعى الله فى مواطنيها.

As well as the establishment of the worst places of detention in history, especially Guantanamo  “in memory of the established X,” which is practiced by various kinds of torture, that can be imagined or not – had not been closed after Obama’s statement when he took office to close it – as well as Bagram, Pakistan and Abu Ghraib in Iraq and the scandals that marred over the the nine previous years and is involved in all the Arab regimes, unfortunately, to hand over Arab citizens to the U.S. administration to investigate them in inhumane and unjustified manner – with no compensation from US to the innocents who proven their innocence so far in the biggest Arabic American collusion  by regimes supposedly take account of God in its citizens.

كذلك قيام امريكا بوضع مدونة قوانين الملكية الفكرية عالميا المتمثلة سواء فى اتفاقية التربس ومنظمة التجارة العالمية واجبارنا على التوقيع عليها – ممنا تجعلنا مثلا عبيد للشركات العابرة للجنسيات بالنسبة لمنتجات حساسة جدا للمواطنين فى العالم العربى والعالم الإسلامى مثل سلعة “الدواء”. 


As well as the United States develop a code of intellectual property laws worldwide of both in the TRIPS Agreement and the WTO and force us to sign it – which makes us such slaves to the trans-national companies for the products is very sensitive to the citizens in the Arab world and the Islamic world, such as “medicine.”

وفى الآخر وبعد استعراض كل ذلك نجد البعض يدافعون عن انظمتنا العربية لا استثنى منهم احدا الذين لا يعبرون عنا كشعوب بعدما ساقونا كدول اصحاب حضارة مثل الخراف والنعاج للتوقيع على كل هذه الإتفاقيات حبا فى العروش والكرسى لا أكثر وخوفا من البعبع أمريكا – بالله عليكم ماذا نقول لهم – واصبح بشار هو الشر الوحيد – وكان بلادهم بلاد العدالة والمساواة والإنصاف – ولكن بشار صناعة عربية 100% ولا نلوم إلا انفسنا وبأيدينا صنعناه – وعجبى.

Finally, after reviewing all of that – we find some defend our Arab regimes do not exclude one of them – who do not cross us as peoples having dragged us as states the owners of civilization, such as sheep for the signing of these agreements for the lust of the thrones and the chair – no more and the fear of the bogey America – God What do you say to them – and became Bashar is the only evil – and the home country of justice, equality and fairness – but Bashar is made in Arab world 100% not only blame ourselves, and we created our own hands – unfortunately, I am very amazed.

ولكم جزيل الشكر,,,,,

Best regards,

Ahmed Moustafa

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the Documentary that Shacked the World: the 9/11 Black Box – published by Ahmed Moustafa

October 1, 2011
السادة الأعزاء/

لراغبى التعرف على كذبة الغرب برئاسة الولايات المتحدة فيما يتعلق واحداث 9/11 المفبركة والتى حدثت كما يعلم الجميع فى سبتمبر 2001 والتى كانت زريعة للحرب المزعومة على الإرهاب وحربى افغانستان والعراق وخراب الإقتصاد العالمى يرجى متابعة الأجزاء الستة للفيلم التسجيلى الذى بحثت عنه طويلا انتاج فرنسى ايرانى مشترك عن الكذبة الكبرى الخاصة بـ 11 سبتمر تأليف الكاتب الفرنسى احد بطلى الفيلم تيرى ميسان وإخراج المخرج الإيرانى المتميز محمد رضا اسلاملو انتاج 2010 كما سيلى:
Dear Friends;
For the people who are desirous to recognize more about the western Big Lie headed by USA concerning the fabricated 9/11 events that occurred in September 2001, which was an allegation and a justification for such wars against terrorism and Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars that deteriorated the worldwide economy, please follow up the Six parts here-below of the amazing documentary that I searched for a long time, French Iranian co-production “the 9/11 Black Box” authored by the well known writer and journalist Thierry Meyssan, who co-starred such documentary with the well-known Iranian director Mohammad Reza Eslamloo, and produced in 2010 and won the latest Fagr Film Festival 2011 Session, the film parts are as follows:  


Best regards,
Ahmed Moustafa
Member of Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (
Member of Alexandria International Arbitration Center & Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
Socio-economic Specialist/Researcher/
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Human Rights Activist/Blogger/Youth Trainer
International Law Association (ILA) Coordinator in Egypt
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